Furniture with personality

Aesthetics for the eyes, comfort for the body – India’s most loved moulded plastic furniture brand, Italica takes living a notch higher.
There is an Italica for every home in India. Dive into our wide collection of products that are crafted with love especially for your home.

Furniture with personality

Aesthetics for the eyes, comfort for the body – India’s most loved moulded plastic furniture brand, Italica takes living a notch higher.
Dive into our wide collection of products.

Why Italica?

Leading manufacturer of high quality moulded plastic products
Pioneers of moulded plastic furniture in India.
A brand trusted by homes, offices and commercial sectors.
Being one of the pioneers of moulded plastic furniture in India, we have understood your needs like no one else. There’s something primarily common between you and us. By constantly bringing newer designs to the table, we’re always upgrading ourselves. You, on the other hand, are trying to find meaning in design and value in products. This is where we strike a chord as we provide you with the best plastic furniture for your residential or commercial indoor/outdoor – the best deal you can think of in terms of quality, appeal, and price. We’ve been around in the business for long enough to know the flavour of the season is, the requirement of different industries is, the aesthetic delicacy of different interiors etc. We believe that the role of the furniture is not its functionality – it plays a vital role in creating the ambience of a space. That’s why we design with a lot of intricacies, always keeping aesthetics on priority.

We’re very close to you…

With a strong distribution network across India, we’re one of the largest players in the plastic moulded products industry in India. From classrooms to board rooms, from cosy living rooms to happening food joints, you’ll find Italica products all around you. We’ve something for everybody. That’s why we’re one of the most popular moulded plastic products manufacturers in India.


With lightweight, durable and attractive furniture in various design options, it’s not a surprise that Italica is one of the most trusted brands for seating and dining arrangements in events.
• Music Concerts
• Public Gatherings

Public Spaces

Starting from storage bins to plastic chairs, we manufacture products that are widely used in public spaces.
• Parks
• Playgrounds
• Roadsides
• Hospitals

Commercial Spaces

We’re known for providing the most economic plastic furniture and material handling solutions for commercial spaces. Durable, lightweight and eye-catching – it simply makes for a wise business decision.
• Warehouses / Industries
• Restaurants & Cafes
• Hotels / Banquets

Work Spaces

If you see super-comfortable and well-designed plastic furniture at office spaces, chances are that it’s us.
• Offices
• Cafeterias
• Schools / Colleges
• Coaching Centres

Residential Spaces

Widely used by homeowners to create their own personal haven, we’ve been adorning your residential indoor/outdoor spaces for years now.
• Living room
• Patio / Garden
• Kitchen

Storage and Material Handling

We are leading manufacturers of sturdy and vandal resistant crates, storage bins and dustbins that have varied uses.
• E-commerce
• E- Groceries
• Food Items
• Manufacturing plants

Material Handling Products

Product Reviews

“Awesome product with great quality of material. It’s seems to be durable. I am using it for more than a month. I loved the packing if the product. If you are searching for a Table and chair for your hall in low budget, blindly go for it. Good option for bachelor people.”

–        Aditya Malpani

“Chairs are good,comfortable for persons under 6 ft,Table is light weight,my baby can pick it up”

–        Saurabh Thakur

“It gives a classy look to the living room. Made up of good material. The most attractive part of the product is the Central table which gives a wooden look and the size is larger than expected.”

–      Binay

“Very good delivery and very nice product. Easy to assemble.”

–  Supratik Banarjee