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The kitchen trolley is a sturdy, compact and multi-purpose product used not only in the kitchen but also in salons, malls and movie theatres. Dimensions:  715H x 485W x 747D

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Explore Italica's Trolleys - Effortless Food and Beverage Transport for Outdoor Convenience.

Discover the ultimate convenience with Italica's range of versatile trolleys, specially designed for transporting food and drinks in outdoor settings. Whether you're hosting a gathering, enjoying a picnic, or need a practical solution for outdoor events, our trolleys provide the perfect blend of mobility and functionality.

Built with durability in mind, these trolleys are crafted to withstand the demands of transporting food and drinks, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Choose from a variety of designs to suit your specific needs, and elevate your outdoor occasions with the ease and practicality of Italica's versatile trolleys.