Living In A Tiny Apartment Isn’t That Bad As Long As Your Ideas Are Big
Living In A Tiny Apartment Isn’t That Bad As Long As Your Ideas Are Big

Living in a big city but a tiny pad? That’s the deal with most of us living in metros. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of the space we have. All it takes is a little bit of intelligent decoration, a little permutation and combination with the furniture, and nice lights. Making optimum use of a smaller room with the right kind arrangement is an art, and that’s what we’re going to learn today.


Colour plays a key role 

Lighter colors reflect more light – we have all learned this in school. It’s time to implement that in life. Your wardrobe could be full of black t-shirts but your walls must be light colored. The more lights your walls reflect, the more spacious will your space look.



Mirror, mirror on the wall

Have you ever walked into a shop or a parlor and thought the place is quite huge only to realize a moment later that it’s actually the mirrors that are making it look huge? Use mirrors wisely to make an optical illusion of a larger space. The trick is to place mirrors on opposite walls.



Plastic Furniture: Keep it light, keep it smart

When it comes to making the best of tiny spaces, you will often need to rearrange your furniture. Things like accommodating a new washing machine or making space for guests for a party will require you to move around your furniture. Light plastic chairs and plastic tables are best suited for such houses where space is an issue.


Make it multi-purpose

A couple of nice plastic armchairs and a neat plastic table can not only work as a place to enjoy a cup of tea with your friends but can also be used as a sturdy corner. Just place a nice study lamp on the table and your tea-party zone will turn into a nice place to get some serious work done.



Tiny seating arrangements

Go with the minimalist way of life when it comes to seating arrangements. Is your plastic table high enough for having tea but too low to keep your laptop and work sitting on a chair? Use plastic stools! They are the perfect height, don’t take too much space, and if you’re getting them from Italica, you’d be getting really good looking ones as well.



Keep the air fresh

It can get stuffy very quickly in small spaces. Therefore, make sure you keep the rooms fresh. Use artificial air fresheners if possible. Now head back straight to instagram and dm it to us to claim your prize. Also, don’t let the waste stink up the whole house. Use a good quality plastic waste bin, with a proper lid to make sure it does not emit any foul smell.


You don’t need a mansion to be happy. A well arranged tiny space can be the costliest home if you want.

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