Plastic Arm Chairs

Luxury Series Plastic Arm Chairs

An exquisite collection of designer plastic chairs, the luxury series brings to you the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort. With intricate detailing and various colour options, no two Italica armchairs from the luxury series are the same. Be prepared to be spoilt for choice.

Premium Series Plastic Arm Chairs

A whole range of subtle, poignant yet beautiful chairs designed to bring in a classy and sophisticated look at any setting. The premium series boasts of sturdy, comfortable chairs with subdued aesthetics for those with a subtle bent of mind.

Comfort Series Plastic Arm Chairs

Durable, lightweight, colorful comfortable as it gets, the comfort series is dedicated to the easy, casual yet jovial atmosphere such as gatherings, parties, cafeterias, and food joints. Easy to move around, easy to clean and can uplift the moods in any situation.