Know how furniture color affects atmosphere and your mood
Know how furniture color affects atmosphere and your mood

Is there a favorite  restaurant of yours that makes you happy the moment you step inside, and it’s not just the food? Is there a particular friend of yours whose house you love visiting, and it’s not just because of the great friendship you two have? There’s something about the atmosphere of these places that makes you cheerful. Little things make up for the ambiance of a place. One of them is the furniture. Bright, colorful plastic furniture affects your subconscious mind in ways that directly affect your mood.

Take restaurants for example

restaurant orange scaled

New age restaurants, cafes, and eating joints that try to appeal to a younger crowd make sure that their ambiance is bright and happy. That’s why you’d see brightly colored tables and chairs that lighten up the mood at once. Fast food joints use a lot of red chairs and tables. This is because the colour red raises the energy levels in our body. The young crowd, mostly from schools and colleges are attracted to this kind of energy. The best option for such places is plastic furniture. The number of color options that plastic furniture can provide cannot be matched by any other material. Italica’s spine care chair, or the sofa chair for outdoors are excellent examples of colorful, lightweight furniture that restaurants and cafes are using these days.

Kids and furniture

Have you ever seen a drab, dull kindergarten? Besides the brightly colored walls with plenty of decorations, nursery classrooms always have colorful furniture. A melange of colors is important for a child to feel at home away from parents. Italica plastic kids’ chairs make sure they’re not only sturdy, comfortable and safe for toddlers, but eye-catching as well. The necessity of colorful furniture not only restricts to nursery classrooms but it is a choice for higher classes as well. More and more schools are doing away with the boring wooden desk and bench and using colored chairs and tables. Colorful plastic tables and plastic chairs come with extremely jovial, light and positive vibes that keeps students from looking outside the window out of boredom.

The trend with the corporates

Colors play a very important role to amplify the productivity of employees. People spend 9 hours of their day at their workplace, and therefore, it’s only necessary to make sure that the place does not burn them out mentally. Most modern corporate buildings have done away with their boring white walls and nondescript furniture with bright, colorful alternatives. Common rooms, learning centers, cafeterias are nowadays adorned with attractive plastic chairs that try to uplift the mood of the employees.

For a brighter home

Brighter the color of your furniture, the more light it will reflect. The rooms with brighter furniture look bigger, brighter and not to mention, feels happier. When it comes to furniture for homes, it’s important to look around and feel vibrant from within. This is a crucial aspect for freelancers, who work from home. The kind of brightness that you bring into your home with furniture, directly affects your state of mind and the ability to be more productive throughout the day. The color of your room can be further accentuated with complementing colors. A plastic armchair against a wall, a coffee table and chair in a room with white walls, a blue chair and a red table at the kids’ room – it all goes to make your room look more dynamic as far as design is concerned.

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