12 Different Types of Chairs that can elevate your Home Decor
12 Different Types of Chairs that can elevate your Home Decor

Whether you are at home or the office or anywhere outdoor, wherever you go, you will find chairs around. We tend to forget how integral chairs are in our lives, especially if you want to talk about perfecting your Home Decor!

Even though there are chairs everywhere, very few of us know that there are different types and styles of chairs. But if you love learning about home decor to style your home or office space, you should keep on reading this blog.

Here are 12 types of chairs that can elevate your interior decor game to a whole new level:

1. Round Chairs

As the name suggests, these chairs have a round dorsal end, which is generally made up of artificial materials. The upper part of the chair is made of fabric attached to the frame. These chairs are mainly used in the Living area and are picked for their stylish, moody, and contemporary interior style.

2. Recliner Chairs

The recliner is one of the rather popular types of living room chairs. It is known for providing the ultimate level of comfort. These chairs are meant for relaxation. These chairs are generally available in leather or fabric. The latest versions of recliners are electronically operated and have additional benefits such as massagers, cup holders. Recliners can add a rustic decor vibe if paired with the right kind of furniture.

3. Plastic Arm Chair

These are the most diverse and versatile chairs for both indoor and outdoor usages. These plastic chairs are found in a wide range of colors and textures. The earliest armchair trends began with fabric ones that gradually shifted to wooden and metal. The latest and the most modern innovation in this area are plastic armchairs with ventilation. These will add a hint of luxury to your living space.

4. Bar Stool

A bar or kitchen stool can add a stylish zing to your dining space. These are a “must-have” if you have a countertop kitchen area for Dine and Wine. Adding a few stools to your kitchen counter can make your dining area look more trendy, modern, and stylish. Fancy and aesthetically pleasing Plastic stools can be added to your space for a casual yet modern decor.

5. Ghost Chairs

These chairs are perfect for a modern mind who likes Pinteresty home decor as these are one of the most popular contemporary chair styles with the Millennials. These chairs have a transparent frame and generally do not have any upholstery and are made of plastic for the “see-through” effect.

6. Office Chairs / Desk Chairs

Office or desk chairs are the ones that are specifically designed for office space or workspace at home. Desk chairs are one of the most common types of chairs.. These are ideally designed in a way that boosts your productivity with the utmost back support. These swivel chairs come with a set of wheels for mobility.

There are different styles, colors and price ranges in desk/office chairs Considering that you have to sit in these chairs for long hours, premium chairs are recommended. These chairs also have the best lumbar support to maintain a good back posture for prolonged work hours.

7. Club Chairs

Typically made of leather, Club chairs define luxury. They are a type of armchair that has thick upholstery to make them comfortable and stylish. These are often a great addition to your living space and can be used for ages if maintained well. These chairs can elevate your interior decor by adding a vintage look and spice up a monotonous space by giving a pop of Luxury to it.

8. Wing Chairs

Wingback chairs immediately bring an element of fashion and class in your room. It is comfortable, heavily upholstered and also improves your body posture. Although wingback chairs are more in the traditional genre, it can fit right into your contemporary aesthetics if you choose the right materials and patterns that complement your overall home decor. This high back wing chair (paired with a Chair throw) is placed in a cozy corner at home where one can read a book after a tiring day with a sip of warm tea/ coffee.

9. Chesterfield Chair

Chesterfield Chair can be considered as a vintage Armback chair. This buttoned design of the chair is a unique feature as it is a chair model of the Chesterfield sofas that gained popularity during the Victorian Era and was a symbol of the British. It is a large chair with a rolled-up armrest. These are also heavily upholstered for comfort and are generally made with dark leather and rustic aesthetics.

10. Ottoman

Ottoman is a classic piece of furniture that originated from the Ottoman Empire, where it was widely in the late 18th century with multiple cushions as the main seating area. The design has evolved over the centuries from complete resting ottoman to compact footrest. These used to be an integral part of the Private Members club during the19th century. It is upholstered with leather or fabric. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as an extra chair for seating, a cute coffee table with a tray, and can also provide storage space. This will be a perfect addition for someone with a taste for Vintage and Classic Decor.

11. Panton Chair

If you are a fan of futuristic, funky chairs, then this one’s for you! Panton chairs fall under the category of contemporary yet fun furniture. These chairs are best known for their sleek design and exquisite curves. These chairs are iconic for their S-shape. These can be classified as without arm plastic chairs. This will be an amazing quirky addition to your aesthetically elegant home.

12. Sun Loungers

Chairs are not only meant for indoor usage but are also required outdoors, particularly in the patios. Outdoor chairs are perfect for enjoying the weather and lounging around, getting close to nature. Sunloungers are what you need to create an ideal vacation vibe in your backyard/ patio.

It can be overwhelming to learn about different types of chairs and their uses. What kind of chair would you like to add to your house? Do not forget to tell us in the comments! 

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