Why Plastic Furniture Is The Wisest Choice In These Crucial Times Of Climate Change
Why Plastic Furniture Is The Wisest Choice In These Crucial Times Of Climate Change

With the rising hazards of climate change, we have a huge responsibility of making wise choices in our daily lives. Around 6 billion trees are cut down worldwide to cater to our various needs. 10% of them are for furniture.Not only do we have to decrease the use of air conditioners, use water more conservatively and choose public transport over private, we must also change the way we look at furniture. Gone are the days of big, heavy furniture that would cost a bomb and require  huge efforts to move around. And all this for what? Cutting down trees and making our planet uninhabitable? It’s time to switch to a more economic alternative that’s convenient for you as well as the environment you live in. Let’s talk about plastic furniture.

Wooden furniture requires trees to be cut down in huge amounts and hardly any compensating afforestation is done. This comes across as a major blow to the ecological balance, and at this point, the devastating effects are right around the corner. Plastic furniture, on the other hand, does not require any trees to be cut. Therefore, it is an environment friendly choice that you can make.

Another important aspect of using plastic chairs and tables is that they don’t break easily. This lets you use your product for years without any issues. It also lets you smartly recycle your furniture. After years of use, if your plastic table becomes nugatory, it can easily be recycled to make a pen or a lunch box or a straw or a carry bag and several other items that could offer a completely different utility for years to come. The best part is that this cycle can repeat endlessly. However, it is also important to recognize that plastic should not be dumped carelessly and rather collected and recycled sensibly. So it’s really the plastic that is dumped carelessly around our planet, that is becoming a curse for our environment. If the same plastic is recycled properly it could very well turn into a boon and save us from exploiting our natural resources in so many ways. In fact, you may even sell your old plastic furniture to scrap vendors, who in turn will sell the material to the scrap industry. The recycled plastic furniture industry is a booming one at the moment.

Therefore, there is a growing demand for your used plastic chairs and tables in this industry. This makes sure that unwanted plastic is not thrown away but used up for making more useful items. It’s one of the best measures that we can take to keep climate change under control. In fact, designers are now preferring to work with recycled plastic not only out of concern for the environment but as an aesthetic choice too.

“Working with recycled plastic offers unlimited design opportunities, because of the variety of polymer compounds and processing techniques that can be used,” Bob Vos and Alessandro Ladarola, founders of sustainable design brand Polimeer were quoted saying in an interview to Dezeen.

So here’s the deal – plastic furniture is the safest choice considering each and every aspect. It’s time we made an informed decision.

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