What Can YOU Do To Make India Clean?
What Can YOU Do To Make India Clean?

A decade ago, had someone asked you to guess if India would be a clean country in the next 10 years, what would you have answered?

A calculated guess would have been that with the government’s “Nirmal Bharat” initiative in action (predecessor of Swachh Bharat), rapidly developing technology, increasing literacy rate, widespread awareness about cleanliness and personal hygiene, we’d become a clean nation after all in a decade.

But here we are in 2021, still far, far away from realising that dream.

So what’s the current state of this “Swachhta” in India?

It is 2021 and yet, we haven’t stopped littering. The water in our rivers is toxic and the air that we breathe is heavily polluted. India now ranks 3rd on the list of the most polluted counties in the world!

Have we, the citizens of India, accepted this embarrassment as our reality?
Or do we want to take the onus of bringing a change?
We hold all the power to do so. Then why is it so difficult?

It’s difficult because it requires us to change ourselves. But with one small and smart step at a time, you, me and us can do this together.

And in this blog, we’ll show you how. So keep reading to find out what you can do to keep your country shining, clean, and green!

Let’s dive in right away!


 1. Invest in Eco-Friendly Bags

Single-use plastic is a concerning issue! It pollutes land and the sea alike! In most bazaars and markets, the shopkeepers hand you your purchased goods in low-quality single-use polythene bags that you use once and throw right away. 

Say NO to those bags!

Invest in Eco-Friendly Bags

Invest in a good cotton or khaki bag. Always keep it handy and carry it around, particularly for shopping! A small step like this can take us in the right direction!

 2. Plant Saplings and Trees in your Vicinity

Due to industrialization, we rarely ever get to see greenery around us. Green living areas are essential in our cities and suburbs for our health and to maintain cleanliness. Trees are our primary source of pure oxygen. Yet, they continue to be decimated by industrialization and suburban sprawl. They actively contribute to the protection of our climate by cleansing our air. So we must take small measures and plant as many trees as we can. Various NGOs organize sapling plantation drives/ tree plantations, which could be a new hobby that we all can take up to better the environment.

Not only would that create a healthy environment, but it would also enhance the aesthetics of the space!

Plant Saplings and Trees in your Vicinity

 3. Start Separating Your Waste At Home!

Start Separating Your Waste At Home!

It is high time that we all start separating our wastes and implement proper waste management techniques at home! Get separate plastic dustbins for your dry, wet and recyclable waste! 

Plastic Dustbins ensure appropriate disposal of all kinds of garbage. If you separate your waste beforehand, the waste management process becomes much easier at later stages!

You can also try composting at home with your kitchen waste which is the best way of recycling kitchen waste.

 Here is a short and straightforward guide on composting that you can refer to!

composting at home

You can use the compost as manure for your plants. It can help your home garden flourish while taking care of the waste.

 4. Be an Active Member of The Society!

You may have heard about cleanup drives or other eco-friendly activities taking place in your city. Be an active member of such communities by engaging in organizing and executing these drives. It is a great way to show your responsibility towards society.

Use social media to spread awareness about environmental issues and engage more people in these causes. We must use all the tools to be mindful and do good in society as responsible citizens! 

Beach cleanups, roadside clean-up drives, tree planting drives are all activities that can be done with your friends and family, which will eventually cleanse and detox the environment along with some fun quality time with your loved ones!

 5. Quit Littering and use Dustbins Religiously

plastic dustbins

The biggest problem with our country is hands down, littering. Let’s begin by reiterating the simplest way to ensure cleanliness: keep the trash only where it belongs. Do not throw trash on the road or in public areas. Carry your waste with you until you find a proper disposal method.

In public spaces, you will always find plastic dustbins at every nook and corner. These bins ensure that the trash is appropriately collected-Friendly and ensure utmost hygiene with an outer lid that prevents odor and insects. These bins are also highly durable and weather-resistant.

 6. Invest in Recyclable/ Long-Lasting Products

Purchase a reusable water bottle. Investing in a reusable water bottle would not only minimize the use of single-use plastic, but it will also save you money in the long run! Consider using a water filter if you’re worried about the consistency of your drinking water.

Bring a reusable cup with you!. Consider how many disposable cups are used each day in your neighborhood coffee shop. Bringing a mug for your morning coffee will help you generate less waste per year. Consider how much waste we could save if we all made this easy adjustment regularly!

Switch to metal straws! Plastic straws constitute a large percentage of litter on the roads and the ocean. Use reusable metal straws to take a little step towards a cleaner environment! Bamboo toothbrushes are also a good idea!

metal straws

7. Use Multipurpose and Recyclable Furniture

While buying furniture, people immediately gravitate towards wooden furniture. It sounds like the most eco-friendly option, right? 


The amount of trees that need to be cut to create one table is alarmingly high. Such a rate of deforestation causes much irreversible damage to the environment. 

On the other hand, plastic furniture is wrongly infamous for being bad for the environment. 

Check out this real-life experience of a customer about the durability of Italica Chairs:

Untitled design (12)

 Let us bust that myth for you today!

Today’s plastic furniture is almost 100 percent recyclable! Not only that, they are much more durable and can last you for decades without losing their charm or color, post which you can upcycle them or recycle them! 

Let us take an example of this plastic table by Italica furniture! You can use this plastic table for your living space or bedroom. You can also use it during your evening coffee time while sipping on your heavenly beverage!

plastic table

You can also read about the plastic furniture industry and its scope here!

 We hope you found this blog insightful. Let us pledge to take these few easy steps towards making our country a cleaner place!

If you enjoyed this blog, do share it with everyone to spread awareness! 

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