Top 10 Bar & Kitchen Stools To Jazz Up your Space
Top 10 Bar & Kitchen Stools To Jazz Up your Space

We all have a dream house in mind, don’t we?
We want it to be a cumulation of all the images we have pinned on our Pinterest boards or saved on Instagram!
However, it seems like there is a long way to go before you can start building your home, right? WRONG. 

You can build your dream home one corner at a time!
Today, we are here to help you build your dream home bar/ kitchen pace. We have curated a list of the top 10 fantastic bar/kitchen stools for your home!

All these stools are super unique and stylish! Whatever your budget is, we have something for you, so keep reading!

S. No.

10 Best Bar/ Kitchen Stools List Weight Price  
1 Italica Bar and Kitchen Plastic Stool 2 kg INR 1299
2 Savya Home Curvy Kitchen/ BarStool 7 kgs INR 2199
3 DaUrban Katli Height Adjustable Stool 7 kg INR 2499
4 IKEA Dalfred BarStool INR 2990
5 Genuine Decor Sheesham Wood Bar/ Kitchen Stool Chair 7 kgs INR 3999
6 Aart Store Wooden Long BarStool 6kgs INR 3999
7 Woodsworth Harrington Solid Wood Barstool 9 kgs INR 4999
8 Cozyhomz Barstool Chair 11 kgs INR 7499
9 IKEA Janinge BarStool INR 8990
10 Bohemiana Fuller Solid Wood Barstool 17 kgs INR 16799

1. Italica’s Barstool


        • Material: Polypropene
        • Weight Holding Capacity: 150 kg
        • Style: Modern and Contemporary
        • Height: 43 cm
        • Seat Area: 32 X 32 cm
        • Price: INR 1299

If you have been looking for the sleekest kitchen stool in town, then look no more. Italica’s barstool is a high-quality plastic kitchen stool that is the epitome of style and comfort. It is an economical option for anyone looking for a Chic stool to Jazz up their home without burning a hole in their pocket.

It is made up of high-quality polypropene that gives it the ultimate strength and durability! It has a unique design with a glossy finish! Get a pair or two to get a perfect bar area in your kitchen!

These stools are perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. You can create a cute picturable patio space with these stylish stools for a beer night and some music.

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2. Savya Home Curvy Kitchen/ Bar Stool

        • Material: Leatherette
        • Style: Modern & Contemporary
        • Height: 78cm
        • Seat Area: 38 X 38 cm
        • Base Diameter: 38 cm
        • Assembly: Required
        • Swivel 360degrees
        • Price: INR 2199

Did someone say Luxury? Well, this stunning high stool by Savya Home is perfect for someone who wouldn’t mind spending over a Classic piece. It is endowed with a pneumatic gas lift for height adjustment and a 360-degree swivel. The adjustability is super easy and makes it super comfortable. It has a gorgeous chrome finish, and the base and footrest are made up of chromed steel. It has a quadrate cushion filled with high-density sponges, which provides you with ultimate comfort.

The stool is weather-resistant, breathable, durable, and devoid of peculiar smells. Therefore you can utilize it for multiple purposes.

Even though the chair is packed in a semi-assembled condition, its assembly is super easy if you are up for some DIY.

You can buy this stool here!

3. DaUrban Adjustable Kitchen/ Bar Stool


        • Material: Chrome, Leatherette
        • Style: Modern
        • Height:  83.8cm
        • Seat Width: 38 cm
        • Assembly: Required
        • 360-degree swivel
        • Price: INR 2499

This fantastic stool by DaUrban is the perfect stool if you want to revamp your bar/ kitchen area on a budget. It has a leatherette seat with a sponge cushion that makes it super comfortable for the user. This stool has a 360 swivel feature and a great footrest that ensures your comfort is at its peak!

You can adjust the height of this stool easily too. It also has a high-quality chrome base and footrest and a rubber ring at the bottom to shield the floor from scratches.

This revamped bar stool blends modern and traditional design elements, making it ideal for a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, patio, home kitchen, or other environments. It is simple to assemble; the seller will provide manual assembly instructions.

You can buy this stool here!

4. IKEA Dalfred Bar Stool


        • Material: Steel/ epoxy, polyamide plastic
        • Weight Holding Capacity: 100 kg
        • Style: Modern & Contemporary
        • Height: 74 cm
        • Seat Diameter: 30 cm 8cm
        • Assembly: Required
        • Price: INR 2990

This stool by IKEA has a unique contemporary design, ideally suited for industrial interior decor. However, if you are experimental, you can also use it for modern and postmodern home decor with some antique decor pieces placed on top!

It has a sturdy structure that can amp up your kitchen /bar/work area.

Additionally, if you want a nice dining area but don’t have much seating space, you can choose to add these stools along with your regular chairs and just mix and match! They take up less space and can be used for multiple other functions too.

The height of this chair is adjustable, too, with the use of a single knob!

You can buy this stool here!

5. Genuine Decor Sheesham Wood Bar/ Kitchen Stool Chair


        • Material: Wood
        • Style: Modern
        • Height: 75cm
        • Seat Area: 40 X 40 cm
        • Assembly: Not Required
        • Made by Indian Artisans
        • Price: INR 3999

Genuine Decor Wooden BarStool adds a rich look to your home while also providing comfort, style, and luxury. The bar/ kitchen stool is ideal for every corner of the house, from formal beauty around the bar counter space to casual seating in a billiard room.

These wooden bar stools are nothing short of heavy eye candy when it comes to visual appeal. The barstool is ideal for any room in the house.

This wooden bar/ kitchen stool speaks for itself when it comes to design precision. If you’re constantly looking for unique seating for your home bar, turning a blind eye is a big mistake. Wood adds a traditional yet minimalist look to these stools.

Restaurants, cafes, pool halls, lounges, bars, and other high-traffic establishments frequently use Sheesham wooden chairs. Indian artisans handcraft these chairs.

You can buy this stool here!

6. Aart Store Wooden Long Stool


        • Material: MDF, Metal
        • Weight Holding Capacity: 150 kg
        • Style: Modern & Contemporary
        • Height: 71cm
        • Seat Area: 30 X 30cm
        • Assembly: Required
        • Price: INR 3999 (2 pcs)

This stool from Aart Store is made up of MDF Seat and Metal. It is comfortable and long-lasting, so it will be able to withstand the messes that come with mealtime. This super versatile counter height bar/ kitchen stool can be used as a kitchen stool or dining stool in the living room, kitchen island, bar counter, dining room, living room, balcony, coffee shop, barbershop, pub, and so on.

This stool can add a classic New York City Cafe vibe to your kitchen/ bar area instantly. It is also highly sturdy and sleek. So, Bar/ Cafe / Lounge owners, this one should be on top of your list.

You can buy this stool here!

7. Woodsworth Harrington Solid Wood Bar Stool in Rustic Teak Finish


        • Material: Wood
        • Style: Modern & Contemporary
        • Rustic Teak Finish
        • 3-year warranty
        • Height: 39.4 cm
        • Seat Area: 18.1  X 18.1 cm
        • Price: INR 5101

This stool by Woodsworth is a high-end, in-house stool that is classic yet contemporary. It is a delightful mix of classic and modern with a perfect balance of function and style. This stool is an ideal match for a variety of tastes, styles, and spaces.
Its style is distinct, well-defined, and timeless.

Clean lines and relaxed comfort characterise this modern stool, which emphasises both form and function.

This bar/ kitchen stool is tall with a footrest for added support. It is suitable for use at bars and high tables in pubs or home bar areas due to its height and narrowness.

You can buy this stool here!

8. Cozyhomz Barstool Chair       


        • Material: Faux Leather, Chrome Plated steel
        • Style: Contemporary
        • Height: 50.8 cm
        • Seat Area: 45.72 X 38.1 cm
        • Assembly: Not Required
        • Assembly: Required (guide and tools included)
        • Price: INR 7499

This stool, curved for comfort and styled to impress, revels in the spotlight. This stunning stool features foam cushion padding and PU leather for added comfort.

The stool is coated with plywood that gives a walnut effect veneer. It also has a cream PU finish which is unlike anything you have ever seen before! The piston and base are made of gleaming chrome-plated steel, which adds to the modern look.

It has a unique contemporary look and a curved seat and backrest that provide you with the ultimate comfort. It also has a leg rest to add to the relaxation. This barstool is perfect if you wish to spice up your bar/kitchen area in an elegant and sophisticated way.

You can buy this stool here!

9. IKEA Janinge Bar Stool


        • Material: Steel/ Polypropylene, Aluminium
        • Weight Holding Capacity: 150 kg
        • Style: Modern & Contemporary
        • Height: 76 cm
        • Seat Area: 33 X 17 X 8cm
        • Assembly: Required
        • Price: INR 8990

If you are looking for premium stools, this is the perfect one for you! IKEA designers developed the JANINGE stool in response to the challenge of combining design, function, and quality in a single chair. Durable enough for use in restaurants, but with a look you will want to keep at home.

The scooped seat allows you to sit and move around comfortably. The stool has a simple height adjustment system that you can change with just one hand. It also has a footrest for a more comfortable sitting position. The seat has been treated with a special surface treatment to make it scratch-resistant.

You can adjust the height of your barstool to ensure that it is comfortable to sit on, has enough legroom, and is proportionate to the rest of your room.

You can buy this stool here!

10. Bohemiana Fuller Solid Wood Bar Stool


          • Material: Sheesham Wood, fabric
          • Weight Holding Capacity: 150 kg
          • Style: Modern & Contemporary
          • Height: 39.4 cm
          • Seat Area: 19.7 X 19.7 cm
          • Price: INR 16799

Are you bored of the same industrial-looking stools? Do you want to add a bit of colorful zing to your bar/ kitchen area? We have a super stylish, premium stool for you!

This Bohemiana stool is a symphony for your kitchen. Its unique stools are for all the trendsetters out there!

With a stool that is part of industrial style and partly distressed and 100 percent avant-garde, you can channel your inner bohemian.

This stool can also be categorized as mid-century modern as it has a minimalist design style that is fuss-free! The design of this stool features splayed legs, geometric graphic patterns, natural organic shapes, mixed elements, and contrasting textures.

You can buy this stool here!

We hope we were able to help you get a step closer to your dream home! Let us know which stool you like the best in the comments!

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