Our Top 4 Picks To Make Your Iftar Parties Better This Ramadan
Our Top 4 Picks To Make Your Iftar Parties Better This Ramadan

It’s Ramadan season, and after a long day of fasting, we all look forward to a hearty Iftar. To make the most of this Holy month with your loved ones, calling them over for Iftar is an age-old tradition. You probably have an Iftar invitation every other day in the neighbourhood. However, it’s not going to be long before the wheel stops on you for hosting an Iftar party. Here are a few ideas to make ample room for your beloved guests, and give them a sumptuous treat at the end of the day.

Arrange comfortable seating for all

You love the idea of feeding people who have been fasting[ to praise Allah. But space crunch is a real issue. Your dining table can’t accommodate all the people you have invited. Your couch is too small to seat all your guests. In fact, your house may not be big enough to host so many people, and you might need to take the gathering outside.  In case you want to have an outdoors Iftar, enjoy the meal under the crescent moon, do it with plastic chairs and tables! Seat as many guests you want to – no space issues whatsoever. Not sure what to do with plastic chairs later? Don’t worry they’ll always come in handy for any get-togethers in the future. Just stack up the chairs in your house when you’re not using them.

Stock up the supplies

If you’re hosting 10-15 guests at least, you’re going to need enough supplies. You surely don’t want to call them for daawat and feed them biryani ordered from a local restaurant. You’d want to celebrate the evening with home-cooked delicacies. Where do you keep the copious amount of cooking ingredients, bottles of Rooh Afza, dried fruits, toiletries, and so much more? You stack it all in huge crates. But where do you find big plastic crates that don’t look ugly? It’s a rare breed but not entirely non-existent.

Wheel – in the food

If you have a small house, the problem can be fixed with placing plastic furniture outside. But are you going to carry the lavish and abundant supply of food all the way from the kitchen to outdoors every time? If you have a big house, you may not have to host the event outdoors but it still doesn’t solve the problem of serving your guests, who just can’t help asking for yet another serving of your delicious food. Easy solution – dinner on wheels.  All you need is a beautiful kitchen trolley that can take the food from the kitchen to anywhere you want and serve your guests with piping hot food. A plastic kitchen trolley can prove to be a life-saver when it comes to large-scale hosting.

Get a dustbin, and a big one!

If it’s a huge dawat, it’s going to leave huge waste. Your Iftar dinner is a simple and noble gesture for people fasting this season. But at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to clean up. So make sure you have a plastic dustbin big enough to carry the waste of the huge dinner held at your place. Make sure it’s sturdy, firm and comes with a swing lid for easy access. This is a month of worship and piety, and nothing is closer to godliness than cleanliness.

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