Make your home Diwali ready with AMAZING decorating tips
Make your home Diwali ready with AMAZING decorating tips

Diwali is the time for homecoming. Coming back to home brightly lit with candles and lights, and a doorway adorned with rangoli, is a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? As you must have already done your bit to make your home Diwali ready, here are some ways to make your home fun, welcoming and pretty much the best place to spend the festival of lights.


Get all set for a good game of cards!

Is your house the place where the entire neighbourhood comes to play the traditional game of teen patti every Diwali? A solid and exquisite plastic table is what you need to set the mood for the game. Spread a nice velvet sheet across the table to give the game a royal feel. You also want to take the game to the Italica coffee table set, which is designed for such merry gatherings.

The festive delicacies all around the house

We know hosting a Diwali party can be a task especially if you have a big party. There’s no tap on the number of guests coming in, and everyone is strewn all over the house. One group will be sitting in the drawing room, one will be at the table playing cards, and one will be outside bursting crackers and so on. Amidst all the merriment, the kitchen’s also constantly belting out snack after snack. Now you need to make sure these delicacies reach everyone in every corner of the house. Well there is only one way to do it gracefully, put them on wheels. A plastic kitchen trolley is going to make your job of hosting a party much easier but here’s an idea to make it even better. Why not decorate the trolley with beautiful fairy lights so that when the food arrives, it arrives in style.

A quiet Diwali?

A quiet Diwali is an oxymoron – the festival of lights is also a festival of cheerfulness, merriment and whether you like it or not, a lot of loud crackers. If you’re not very keen on bursting crackers yourself there’s something you can do to spend a dreamy Diwali. Just decorate your outdoor/garden/terrace or porch with the sublime light of diyas, sit back on a nice plastic sunlounger and look at the night sky get illuminated with beautiful fireworks from time to time. Isn’t that the most surreal way to spend Diwali?

To each his own

Diwali is a festival of happiness and light. Everybody has different ideas about the best kind of Diwali. Some like to spend a few days with friends and family. For them, a simple, peaceful Diwali is the ideal way. Others may love to make a huge celebration of the festival. If you’re hosting Diwali party in your society or your club, and are going to invite a lot of people to join in the fun, you may want to get some plastic chairs and tables to provide enough seating arrangements for the guests. Whatever may be your idea of a great Diwali, there are ways to make it special, and we wish you a very happy and special Diwali.

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