How to Fix a Broken Plastic Chair: A Comprehensive Guide
How to Fix a Broken Plastic Chair: A Comprehensive Guide

Plastic chairs are a typical view in homes, offices, and outside spaces. They are lightweight, durable, and very easy to maintain, making them a preferred choice amongst property owners and services. Nevertheless, even the sturdiest plastic chairs can break because of wear and tear or crashes. When this occurs, most people have a tendency to throw the chair away and acquire a brand-new one, but this is not always necessary. With a couple of simple tools and some standard skills, you can fix a broken plastic chair and expand its lifespan. In this short article, we will certainly supply you with a comprehensive guide on how to fix a broken plastic chair.


Assessing the Damage

The very first step in taking care of a broken plastic chair is to assess the damage. You require to determine the level of the damage and also figure out if it is repairable. The complying with are several of the typical kinds of damage that plastic chairs can suffer:


Cracks or splits: 

These prevail in the seat or backrest of the chair and also are typically triggered by excessive weight or stress.

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Broken legs or armrests: 

This can occur due to accidents or misuse.

Loose or missing screws: 

 In time, the screws that hold the chair together can become loose or fall out, triggering the chair to come to be unstable.

Once you have determined the kind of damage, you can figure out the very best course of action.

Tools and Materials Required

Prior to you begin fixing the chair, you need to gather the tools and materials needed for the task. Here are a few of the things you will certainly require:


You will certainly need sandpaper to ravel any harsh sides after the repair.


A drill will certainly be needed to make new screw holes or increase the size of existing ones.

Epoxy glue: 

This type of glue is ideal for plastic repair services as it forms a strong bond as well as is resistant to water and heat.


You might require replacing any type of missing or damaged screws with new ones.

If the damage is extreme, you may need to use a plastic welding kit to sign up with the broken assembly.


Clamps are utilized to hold the damaged assemble while the glue dries out.

Repairing a Cracked or Split Seat or Backrest

If the seat or back-rest of the plastic chair is cracked or split, you can repair it using epoxy glue. Right here are the actions to follow:

Clean the damaged area

Utilize a clean towel to wipe the broken area to get rid of any dust or debris. If the area is oily or oily, make use of a moderate detergent to clean it.

Apply epoxy glue

Mix the epoxy glue according to the manufacturer's directions. Use a charitable quantity of glue to the broken or divided location.

Press the pieces together

Press the broken assembly securely as well as hold them in position utilizing clamps. See to it that the pieces are aligned correctly.

Let the glue dry

Permit the adhesive to completely dry entirely, according to the maker's instructions. This normally takes several hrs.

Sand the area

As soon as the adhesive is completely dry, utilize sandpaper to ravel any harsh sides.

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Fixing Broken Legs or Armrests

If the legs or armrests of the plastic chair are damaged, you can fix them using a plastic welding kit. Right here are the actions to adhere to:

Clean the broken pieces

Clean the busted pieces making use of a fabric and see to it that they are dry.

Heat the plastic welding kit

Follow the producer's directions to heat the plastic welding kit. This generally includes plugging it in and waiting on it to heat up.

Weld the broken pieces together

Hold the broken assemble and also make use of the plastic welding kit to weld them together. This includes thawing the plastic slightly and also pressing the pieces together till they fuse.

Let the plastic cool

Allow the plastic to cool and also set before managing it.

Sand the area

Use sandpaper to smooth out any kind of harsh sides.

Replacing Missing or Broken Screws

If the plastic chair is wobbly or unstable as a result of missing out on or broken screws, you can replace them with new ones. Below are the actions to follow:

Remove the old screws

Make use of a screwdriver to remove the old screws from the chair.

Drill new screw holes

If the old screw holes are harmed or as well broad, you might require to drill brand-new ones. Make use of a drill to make brand-new screw holes, taking care not to drill unfathomable or as well vast.

Insert the new screws

Insert the new screws right into the brand-new or existing screw openings and also tighten them using a screwdriver.

Tips for Preventing Future Damage

Preventing future damage to your plastic chairs can assist expand their life expectancy. Below are some tips to adhere to:

Prevent placing heavy items on the chair.

Do not stand or get on the chair.

Keep the chair far from straight sunlight and also heat sources, which can trigger the plastic to warp or crack.

Clean the chair on a regular basis to eliminate dust and grime.

Check the screws and other components of the chair periodically and tighten them if required.

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When to Replace the Chair

While it is possible to fix most sorts of damage to a plastic chair, there are situations where it might be far better to replace the chair. These consist of:

Severe damage that can not be repaired.

Multiple or comprehensive cracks or splits in the chair.

Damage to the chair's structural integrity, such as a busted framework.

If the cost of repair is more than the cost of a new chair.


In conclusion, a broken plastic chair does not have to be the end of its lifespan. With the right tools as well as materials, you can quickly fix most sorts of damage and prolong the life of your chair. Bear in mind to assess the damage, gather the required tools and also materials, and adhere to the ideal repair actions. Furthermore, it's important to comply with preventive measures to avoid future damage. However, if the damage is severe or the cost of repair is expensive, it may be far better to replace the chair.

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