6 Things To Know Before Buying Furniture If You’re In Your 20’s or 30’s.
6 Things To Know Before Buying Furniture If You’re In Your 20’s or 30’s.

The millennial mind thinks differently than the baby boomer.  Hustling their way into the harsh socio-economic times, the millennial’s have learned to appreciate minimalism, cost-effectiveness, durability, and Eco-friendliness. This is why the generation speaks against single-use plastic but is pro-plastic furniture. Plastic furniture is getting more and more popular with the younger generation. Let’s find out why.


It shouldn’t burn a hole in the pocket

Furniture buying is an expensive affair. Fresh graduates, who have just moved out of their hometown, are not in a position to purchase expensive furniture. Plastic tables and chairs are a cost-effective alternative to wood or metal that serves the purpose without digging a hole in the pocket of the millennial’s who are often identified as the urban poor.


It should be easy to move around


When millennial’s finally find a pad to call their own, they can’t get enough of arranging and rearranging it in their own way. This means the coffee table that was there by the window on Monday will be in front of the TV by Wednesday and by the weekend, it’s going to be somewhere else. Lightweight furniture helps them carry on with their interiors experiment easily.

Who has time for Maintenance?

The millennial’s, by nature, are a low-maintenance generation. A generation who are happy to have a Maggi dinner night after night cannot be expected to put in an extra effort to maintain their furniture. Plastic chairs and tables are as low-maintenance as their owners. It takes a long time for the dust to substantially accumulate on plastic furniture, and when it does, it’s ridiculously easy to wipe it off.

It should be pet-friendly

There are two things that you’re most likely to find at a single millennial’s place – fairy lights and a grumpy cat. While the young millennial’s adore their pets, they have learnt it the hard way that their pets have little regard for their furniture. However, there’s not much damage that is brought upon plastic furniture by these clawing devils. They can’t leave scratch marks on them, they can’t break them, and even if leave fur on the furniture, it can be easily cleaned.

Partying it Out

Having slogged the entire week, the millennial’s like to party hard. If you have followed the latest trends among young professionals of India, you’d know that they like to bring the party home rather than hitting the pub. With house parties being the latest fad in the millennial world, plastic furniture emerges as a lifesaver for the hosts. With zero worries about drinks or food getting spilled.

For the Environment

The millennial’s are more aware of the environment than any generation has ever been. At a time when the air at home is unworthy of breathing unless it’s filtered through a purifier, using Eco-friendly furniture is a natural thing to do. One of the major reasons of ecological imbalance is the rapid depletion of forests. The need for wood for the furniture industry is a primary cause of deforestation. Making plastic furniture doesn’t require chopping down of trees and thus, millennial’s do their bit for the cause by going with Eco-friendly Furniture

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