Why The Booming Wedding Industry Thrives On Plastic Products

Why The Booming Wedding Industry Thrives On Plastic Products

Often considered the recession-proof industry, the wedding industry in India amounts to more than 40 billion dollars. It keeps growing rapidly at an annual rate of 30%. But this ever-booming industry doesn’t come without its own hassles. There are hundreds of tiny details that have to be taken care of. While the big fat Indian weddings make it to the headlines, it is the smaller, regular-scale weddings that make up for the volume of this industry. So where does plastic come into all of this? Well it’s the little accessories that make a big event. You may be a wedding planner, a caterer or just a regular person trying to host a wedding – but the following plastic products are going to save you from a lot of trouble.

The seating arrangement is one of the chief concerns in a wedding. Plastic chairs serve the purpose more aptly in this case. First of all, due to their lightweight, they can be easily rearranged owing to sudden requirements. Secondly, they’re easily transportable, which makes it possible for one to call for more supplies in case there’s a shortage. Thirdly, they’re unbreakable. No unruly kid running around the wedding ground breaks plastic chairs. Therefore, if you’re a vendor, you don’t have to worry about losses, and if you’re renting the chairs, you don’t have to worry about incurring extra costs.

plastic chairs and plastic tables

Now let’s talk about the aesthetics. You don’t need to have a designer wedding to make sure that your chairs and tables look good. The best thing about plastic chairs and plastic tables is that they come in different colours. They can easily be a decorative complement to the wedding decorations. Plastc without arm chairs often covered with a decorative white cover. That makes a low-cost plastic chair look premium. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways of enhancing the appeal of a wedding through the furniture.

But that’s not the only area where the use of plastic comes in handy at weddings. If you’re arranging a wedding, you’d know that there are several things that need to be carried from one place to another and stored. There are flowers, decorative, tools, food items, and so much more coming in and out of the wedding premises – you need to store these items with care. This is where the role of quality plastic crates comes to play.

Plastic Kitchen Trolleys

Plastic kitchen trolleys for serving starters makes life a lot easier for caterers at weddings.  Plastic crates are also useful for collecting used plates.

Plastic waste bins are also an indispensable part of wedding events. No event management is successful  without a proper waste management system, and if you don’t want your wedding to smell foul, make sure your waste bins are sorted. In destination weddings plastic make-shift toilets are also quite common. 

While the wedding industry is booming, it may also leave behind a tremendous amount of waste. Plastic furniture and other plastic products also play a role in limiting the carbon footprints of our weddings by being – reusable, recyclable and highly durable.



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7 Cleaning Hacks to keep your Outdoor Furniture shining forever

7 Cleaning Hacks to keep your Outdoor Furniture shining forever

When it comes to outdoor furniture, plastic wins hands down. There is no other material that comes close to the durability of moulded plastic. Making your garden or your patio look just the way you want to without worrying about the wear and tear caused by the outside weather is quite a relief, isn’t it? All you have to do is keep that majestic plastic sun lounger by the pool, or that beautiful plastic chair and table set on your garden squeaky clean. How do you do that? Well, it’s easy. Just follow these tips!



The first and basic step

Vinegar and Bleach

Here’s what you have to do to get rid of that debris of dirt, and from your plastic tables and chairs  in the garden. Remove the debris with a broom, and then wash the surface with a mix of mild soap and water. Warm water and dish washing liquid can get the job done.


But what if it isn’t enough?

Sometimes, the mixture of soap and water doesn’t work on the stubborn debris on your plastic furniture. This may happen if dirt accumulates on your furniture over a period of time. It’s not unusual to find deposition of dirt on your outdoor furniture after returning from a vacation. In that case, here are a few sure-shot hacks that you can try.




Mix just a quarter cup of bleach with hot water in a bucket. Then dip a scrubbing brush into the bucket but make sure you wear gloves while doing so. Now simply scrub away the dirt from your furniture. Allow the solution to settle in for a while before rinsing it off with water. It’s that simple.




Unless your plastic furniture comes from reputed brands such as Italica, you might be unsure about using bleach on them. In that case, vinegar is the safest option. Mix a quarter vinegar in a bucket of hot water and dip a soft-bristled scrubbing brush in it. Loosen the dirt by getting the furniture wet with water. Now scrub the dirt off your favorite plastic furniture to make it look brand new.


What if bleach and vinegar both don’t work?

Places where the weather is harsh and punishing, outdoor furniture tend to get covered with dirt all over. If not taken care of, the furniture will lose its lustre with time. While it’s almost impossible to restore furniture made of wood or metal, it’s possible to get that brand new look back in plastic furniture with the right kind of treatment. Here’s what you have to do:


Tub and tile cleaner

Simply spray some tub and tile cleaner on your furniture and leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing it off with water.


Apple cider vinegar

Just spray it directly on your outdoor furniture without diluting it. Wipe and rinse off the vinegar after five minutes.

Baking soda

Take a wet sponge and dip it in some baking soda. Now all you have to do is wipe your furniture in a circular motion.



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