Plastic Chairs

If you’re sitting uncomfortably while reading this, you’ve come to the right place. Italica has a wide range of plastic chairs in different styles, colours and designs. There’s something for the workaholic, something for the child, something for the students, and even for the entire family. One thing that’s common in all these plastic chairs is that they’re all uncompromisingly comfortable and best in quality.

Oxy Series Plastic Chair

Oxy Plastic Arm Chair 5202

Plasteel Series Chairs

Plasteel Without Arm Chair 1206

Plasteel Arm Chair 1209

Plasteel Arm Chair 1215

Spine Care Plastic Chairs

Spine Care Plastic Chair 2109

Spine Care Plastic Chair 9007

Spine Care Plastic Chair 2277

Plastic Arm Chairs

Luxury Plastic Arm Chair 3015

Luxury Plastic Arm Chair 3018

Luxury Plastic Arm Chair 9402

Luxury Plastic Arm Chair 9408

Plastic Chair Without Arms

Plastic Chair Without Arms 9306

Plastic Chair Without Arms 9312

Plastic Chair Without Arms 9313

Baby Plastic Chairs

Baby Plastic Chair 9601

Baby Plastic Chair 9602

Baby Plastic Chair 9622

Baby Plastic Chair 9623