Home Designing and Furniture Trends Through the Years: From Ancient to Contemporary

Home Designing and Furniture Trends Through the Years: From Ancient to Contemporary

Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel back into the past and see how people of ancient times lived and how their home interiors looked?  

Each period had its trends, styles, and fads when it comes to interior design. However, from the time of monarchs and rulers, interior decor certainly has come a very long way. These styles have evolved monumentally, yet you can still note their traces in today’s interior design.

Even though time travel is still a concept, it is not impossible to see through these eras and the home designs that characterised each of them. In this blog, we will take you back a few centuries and walk you through the timeline of home design trends starting from the Renaissance Era to Contemporary:

Renaissance Era

This era consisted of intricate and ornate details with interiors that had oak and hardwood panels. The walls were adorned with Arabesque tapestries and embroidery. The furniture’s colours were generally dark neutral palettes that were heavy and bulky with hefty chests and huge wardrobes.

Renaissance Era

Wooden floors were also a huge trend in this era alongside encaustic tiles, rugs, and mats with Asian inspired designs. Along with that large fireplaces with intricate detailing were also popular. Velvet, damask, and brocade were the most extensively used fabrics for bedding and curtains. These trends emerged in the mid-fifteenth century and lasted through the 1600s.

Baroque and Rococo Era

These two interior design styles almost coincided in the periods beginning from the mid-seventeenth century to the mid-18th century. However, the traces of the decor style from these eras can still be noted even today. From the previous time of muted colours, the trends advanced towards vibrant and gaudy tones.

Vivid tones characterised Baroque interiors with bright furniture. Illusory painted ceilings were also predominant in this time. When you look at this style, the first word that crosses your mind will be royalty or luxury.

Baroque and Rococo Era

The seatings, chairs and sofas were heavily upholstered and generally included exaggerated floral patterns. The curtains and rugs also add a similar appearance with ornate details and bright prints. Large golden chandeliers and large sculptures were also a classic of Baroque decor. Interior designs often describe this style as dramatic and exuberant.

People have often wondered what the difference between baroque and rococo decor is. Rocco decor style succeeded Baroque. The rococo decor had a similar appearance to baroque, but unlike baroque, it was lighthearted and the epitome of fantasy and elegance. This style is subtle and neutral in terms of the colour palette. Baroque designs presented the power of church while Rococo represented secular high fashion.



This decor style emerged in the late 18th century and had heavy influences of Greek, Roman art and their architecture. But what is neoclassical decor?

This decor style emerged in the 1700s, which was all about elegance and sophistication. The colour palette consisted of muted shades of grey, blue cream and green with a subtle flower theme. This style was more refined and sophisticated. Neoclassical furniture had detailed and careful ornamentation. Neoclassical was more of a minimalistic style, with blank and block-coloured walls, beautiful ornament, and stone/marble floors with Persian carpets. Column-like shapes and linear structures were predominant in this style. The fabrics were generally block-coloured or had softer prints.

Modern and Mid Century Modern

This trend began in the last 19th century and is widely found in today’s interior design as well. Minimalism is the inspiration for this kind of decor. These houses generally had a relatively simple style with plain and neutral colour palettes. The furniture used is typically elegant in appearance and function. Furniture in this kind of interior decor includes materials like glass, metal, natural fibres, leather and steel. These also generally have straight horizontal or vertical lines. Reflective surfaces are also quite predominant. Scandinavian, bohemian, industrial, minimalistic and coastal decor; all these are subsections of the modern decor styles.

Modern and Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern style is the epitome of the minimalist aesthetic. The usage of wood characterised this era as the centre stage. Exaggerated wooden details were one of the main aspects of this era. The colour schemes are generally traditional and muted. What makes this style different from modern interior design is that it has a different retro feel. It also uses specific bright colours to add a pop amongst the neutral palette. The designers generally used fabrics made of natural elements.

Mid Century Modern Interior

Art Deco

At its prime in 1925, the Art Deco Style of the home design was quite the rage. It is one of the most popular styles that attract a lot of curiosity because of its popularity. So, what is the style of Art Deco? This style has heavy geometric influences, with bold patterns in the fabric. Loud, vibrant and bright colours made a comeback with this era. Eccentric sculptures, vivid curtains and bold paintings also were a predominant part of this style.

Art Deco Interior

The furniture had a luxurious appearance with exaggerated curves and bright colours. In this era, bold wall colours and wall patterns also were quite prominent. Zigzag patterns and floral patterns were also a huge hit. People used a wide variety of new materials to achieve this decor style, such as chrome, plastic, plate glass, and even other luxury materials such as ivory, mahogany. Uniquely designed plastic chairs are also quite popular with this decor style.


This style emerged in the late 1970s, and it is still predominant today to a certain extent. Postmodernism in-home design wanted to break free of muted colours and too utilitarian homes. This style was about breaking the rules!


The interiors that constituted this era were flashy, bright and eccentric. Pattern blocking, mismatched elements and bold patterns were all trendy in this style. The colours in this era include a mix of natural and retro shades. Metallic and turquoise also contributed to the palette. Asymmetry and uniquely shaped furniture also contributed to this era.


This era started in the 1980s and is continuing till date. The contemporary interior decor is the style you see in most homes today. Large open floor plans characterise this style. Neutral colours, blacks and whites are the primary colours of the contemporary style. Several people are unable to find what is the difference between modern and contemporary decor.


In contemporary decor style, the furniture is characterised by long horizontal lines with minimalistic designs. Metal, stone and opaque glass are present significantly in this style. Aesthetic cool and modern chairs made of durable plastic are also a classic. The curtains and seating upholstery used heavily-textured fabrics. Soft two-tone prints and floral patterns are also present to a certain degree.

With the times, the interior decor has evolved to reach a point of balance between utility and aesthetics. All these decor styles have something unique about them and add personality to your homes. Let us know in the comments down below which era resonates with your decor style!

4 Steps to choose the right ergonomic chair for work from home and office

4 Steps to choose the right ergonomic chair for work from home and office

Work from home has become a new reality for everyone now.

It also means sitting for long hours working on a computer.

Therefore, it becomes even more vital that you opt for an ergonomic chair for the back support that offers excellent lumbar support, prevents fatigue happening from time to time, and can eliminate any health-related issues that may arise due to the wrong sitting posture.

It sure is an important investment. So you can not just go and pick up any chair that looks ok to sit on. You should understand the value, style and how you can select the best chair for you according to your comfort.

We have jotted down a list of factors that will help you narrow down your choices and get the right WFH chairs for you.

Factor 1: Explore the chair’s adjusting capabilities

01 (3)

  • Check for the height adjustment allowed in your chair.

The height of an ergonomic chair is an important feature to explore the comfort and support to your back. It should ideally be fully adjustable to the shape of your return.

The chair’s seat should be allowed to move either upwards or downwards. This adjustment will let people sit in the chair comfortably. The height adjustment should be checked before buying any chair. Generally, a seat height of 15 inches to 22 inches will allow a person between 5’0″ to 6’4″ tall to comfortably sit. But most chairs will offer a small range of adjustment. So you must check.

‘How do you adjust a chair for lower back pain?’

Your feet should lay flat on the floor while your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.

  • Check which parts(Seat, Back, Height etc.) of the chairs are individually adjustable.

You will be able to work from home comfortably if your chair will allow you to make a customized fit for each part of the chair. Some essential adjusting features can be the armrests, seat positioning, headrest, footrest, height, and back support. This level of customization aims to allow you to make the chair a good fit for anyone that uses it. You may prefer chairs that allow for adjustments.

Factor 2: Evaluate the Back Support that the chair is providing.

02 (1)

  • Upper and middle back support should be adequate in the chair.

A proper ergonomic chair will offer you full support for your upper and middle back. If you will be sitting for a longer period, supporting your back in its natural shape becomes important to prevent any injury or strain.

Make sure that your work from home chair has an excellent upper and middle back support before making a purchase. The backrest should be between 12” and 19” wide, support the natural curve and shape of your back, and adjust to support the contours of your return.

  • Always check the lower back support of the chair

If the chair is not having proper lumbar support, it might damage and flatten your lower back. The lower back has a natural inward curve. A poorly designed chair will cause this curve to straighten out.

Your chair should help you maintain your lower back’s normal curvature to support your lower back for a healthy spine life. Adjusting back support is done by moving the chair’s back support pad up and down.

  • Check for adjustments and reclining in the backrest

If you are able to adjust the backrest of your chair, it will balance out the amount of weight placed on your back. Recliners can be of great help if you plan to sit for the majority of the day as it helps to relieve pressure on your spinal discs and lower back muscles.

You should know how to adjust your chair for lower back pain with recliners and backrest. Most chairs are locked into the most comfortable reclined position. The backpressure is lowest between 110° and 130° of reclining. People with lower back injuries will benefit the most from reclining ergonomic chairs.

Factor 3: Evaluate properly for the chair’s seat.

03 (1)

  • Make sure the seat is the right size for you.

If the seat is too big or too small for you, it can affect your comfort and your health when you use them for long periods. While searching for a work from home chair, you want to make sure that the size of the seat is suitable for you.

Keep a few such criteria in mind when selecting the seat size of an ergonomic chair.

–  The seat should be of about an inch wider than your hips.

–  And, the seat pan needs to be positioned just behind your knees.

  • Check the padding of the seat

You are most likely to spend a significant amount of time sitting in your ergonomic chair. Hence, you would want to ensure the proper and adequate padding of the chair to ensure your comfort and lower back support.

Do check for the quality of the chair’s seat before making a purchase. Low-quality foam can lead to break down quickly making your chair uncomfortable. You should sit comfortably in the chair for a minimum of an hour without any issue.

Improperly padded chair seats may elevate the risk of misalignments in the hips and back issues.

  • Tilting the seat of the chair is a consideration.

The ability to tilt the chair’s seat is often an optional aspect. You may want to have this feature included in your chair as per your preference. Tilting of the chair seat helps you maintain a proper posture while sitting in the chair.

Factor 4: Finalizing the right work from home chair to support your health.

04 (1)

  • Go ahead on a Virtual Shopping for chairs

Yes. It may sound a little tricky. But it does not have to be perplexing. All you need to know is where and what to search for. Jot down your preferred features and workstyle needs.

Look for the options that suit your needs. This will shorten the entire process. You can also learn a lot about the chairs from reading its specifications. From your shortlisted chairs as per your budget, style and needs, select the one that fits best.

  • Consider the details of the chair

There are so many features to consider when you look for a perfect spine supporting chair. Some aspects may get overlooked in the process. But make sure to consider the ones that are beneficial for your health and comfort.

Important aspects are :

– The casters should be moving quickly and freely.

– If there is a headrest, it should be a good fit for your body type.

–  Depending on the height and adjustments, you may need a footrest.

–  You should think about which chair cover is the best for your comfort. 

–  Cloth seat covers can allow the airflow but are more robust to keep clean.

05 (2)

  • Explore the different chair styles

Many varieties of work from home chairs are available in the market in different types and styles. These chairs differ from the traditional chairs, and each of them will have their unique benefit and purpose.

Figure out which one is a good fit for you with the features on offer.

Some options may be:

–  Kneeling chairs come with no back. It can help you to improve your posture and back health.

–  Saddle chairs are suitable for desk work. Shaped like a horse saddle, they can help your back be more energetic and healthier.

– People with back issues may find reclining chairs with footrests as the most comfortable choice.

Sometimes it may not seem like a big deal to find the right work from the home chair. But, having the right chair for your desk makes a significant difference in your health and comfort.

Extended periods of work put a lot of stress on your back and spine resulting in back problems and severe discomfort. Learning to select the proper work from home office chairs can help you avoid such health issues by making a properly informed decision.

If you are still confused about selecting the best work from home chair for your needs, let us give you our expert suggestion.

06 (1)

Italica’s Spine Care Chair can be the best fit for your work from home and it keeps your back safe and in shape. You may explore the benefits of this chair without spending a fortune of your time, efforts, and budget. It supports the back and keeps it in shape with flexible back support. It’s Light-weight and high-quality plastic make it durable, easy to maintain, and robust.

If you find this blog helpful, feel free to share it.

Any suggestions are welcome too. Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments section.


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Why The Booming Wedding Industry Thrives On Plastic Products

Why The Booming Wedding Industry Thrives On Plastic Products

Often considered the recession-proof industry, the wedding industry in India amounts to more than 40 billion dollars. It keeps growing rapidly at an annual rate of 30%. But this ever-booming industry doesn’t come without its own hassles. There are hundreds of tiny details that have to be taken care of. While the big fat Indian weddings make it to the headlines, it is the smaller, regular-scale weddings that make up for the volume of this industry. So where does plastic come into all of this? Well it’s the little accessories that make a big event. You may be a wedding planner, a caterer or just a regular person trying to host a wedding – but the following plastic products are going to save you from a lot of trouble.

The seating arrangement is one of the chief concerns in a wedding. Plastic chairs serve the purpose more aptly in this case. First of all, due to their lightweight, they can be easily rearranged owing to sudden requirements. Secondly, they’re easily transportable, which makes it possible for one to call for more supplies in case there’s a shortage. Thirdly, they’re unbreakable. No unruly kid running around the wedding ground breaks plastic chairs. Therefore, if you’re a vendor, you don’t have to worry about losses, and if you’re renting the chairs, you don’t have to worry about incurring extra costs.

plastic chairs and plastic tables

Now let’s talk about the aesthetics. You don’t need to have a designer wedding to make sure that your chairs and tables look good. The best thing about plastic chairs and plastic tables is that they come in different colours. They can easily be a decorative complement to the wedding decorations. Plastc without arm chairs often covered with a decorative white cover. That makes a low-cost plastic chair look premium. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways of enhancing the appeal of a wedding through the furniture.

But that’s not the only area where the use of plastic comes in handy at weddings. If you’re arranging a wedding, you’d know that there are several things that need to be carried from one place to another and stored. There are flowers, decorative, tools, food items, and so much more coming in and out of the wedding premises – you need to store these items with care. This is where the role of quality plastic crates comes to play.

Plastic Kitchen Trolleys

Plastic kitchen trolleys for serving starters makes life a lot easier for caterers at weddings.  Plastic crates are also useful for collecting used plates.

Plastic waste bins are also an indispensable part of wedding events. No event management is successful  without a proper waste management system, and if you don’t want your wedding to smell foul, make sure your waste bins are sorted. In destination weddings plastic make-shift toilets are also quite common.

While the wedding industry is booming, it may also leave behind a tremendous amount of waste. Plastic furniture and other plastic products also play a role in limiting the carbon footprints of our weddings by being – reusable, recyclable and highly durable.



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How Open To Changes Are You? Let’s Take A Quiz To Find Out

Change is scary but it’s for the brave. One who embraces change embraces opportunities. However, sometimes we’re too reluctant to get out of our comfort zone, and that could be quite detrimental. Do you like changes? Are you open to it? Or is your order and familiarity too precious to be disturbed? Take this quiz to find out how open you are to change and get ready to win exciting prizes.



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Best 5 gifts: This Rakhi, gift special to your loved once

Best 5 gifts: This Rakhi, gift special to your loved once

Rakhi is right around the corner, and it’s time to surprise your sister with a gift she wouldn’t expect. So here’s a list we’re sharing with you well ahead of Rakhi so that you can weigh your options and buy your sibling the perfect gift. The list is carefully curated to include gifts that are meaningful and useful; a list that fits well in your budget, and are bound to bring a smile upon the face of the receiver. Here we go:




A unique lampshade is a good idea to not only lighten up her face but also her room, literally. Acrylic lampshades make for beautiful accessories for rooms. With a plethora of designs, and color options, it won’t take you long to find one that would go along with your sister’s choice. If you want to add a personal touch to the gift, we suggest you personalize the lampshade with a print of a family photograph from your childhood. That’d be a nice way to make this Rakhi worth remembering.



Plastic Sunlounger


Is your sister working too hard? Does she hardly get enough time to relax after taking care of the household chores and office work? If you think she deserves some chill time and that too in style, Italica’s plastic sunlounger is the perfect gift for her. Set it up on the porch, by the pool or on the terrace. The plastic sunlounger is a perfect way to tell her that you appreciate her hard work and that she deserves to pamper herself in comfort and leisure from time to time.



Fairy lights

Fairy lights

If your sister’s a millennial, she’s going to love this gift. Has she just moved out of your parents’ house and started living on her own? Then she’s going to love it even more. Fairy lights are something all young adults absolutely drool over. There are so many options in the market that it could be overwhelming. There are the classic string fairy lights, the fairy light jar, fairy light lanterns, string lantern fairy lights and so much more. One of the easiest ways of getting the aesthetics level of a room a notch higher, fairy lights could prove to be the nicest gift idea this Rakhi.



Plastic Kitchen trolley

Kitchen trolley

Some people love cooking, and they are passionate about it. There’s only one way to make such people happy – enhance their kitchen in every way possible. If your sister is one of those people, Italica has the perfect gift for her – the plastic kitchen trolley. Whatever magic happens in the kitchen is served straight into the drawing room through the plastic kitchen trolley, fresh from the pan. It looks as suave as any trolley at a michelin star restaurant would.



Travel trolley bag

Travel trolley bag

If you can’t afford to buy her a vacation in Europe right now, you can always encourage her wanderlust in other ways. Who doesn’t like to have that perfect airport look for the check-in selfies? A sturdy, good looking, suave travel trolley bag is going to make her think of you no matter how far she is travelling. The style of the bag totally depends on your sister’s choice. It could be a leather trolley bag, a cloth-based one or a harder material. Each has their own charm, and go a long way, quite literally. 



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The Monsoons Are Here! Let’s Make Some Clever Choices This Season

The Monsoons Are Here! Let’s Make Some Clever Choices This Season

Monsoon is here, and it’s here in full throttle. Love it or hate it, monsoons mean a lot of indoor time. Be it work-from-home or cancelled plans with friends because of heavy rainfall, you’ll be spending a lot of your time at home in the coming days. How do you make the best of it? – By simply making your home monsoon-ready. Here’s how you do it!


Make a cosy corner!

make a cosy corner

If you’re spending most of your time indoors, you better find a nice corner to relax and enjoy the rain outside. Take a look at this sun lounger. While it’s an amazing piece of furniture to enjoy the outdoors during the summer, the sun lounger from Italica can be ideal furniture to relax on with a hot cup of coffee and a nice book on a rainy day.


Set up a comfortable work space

set up a comfortable work space

Welcome to adulthood where rainy days don’t mean holidays. It’s work-from-home time, and you better set up your workstation at home. But here’s the thing: working from home is fine as long as you’re not distracted. Don’t ever make the mistake of working out of your bed or the sofa. Always find a plastic table and chair. Make sure your chair is designed well enough to support your back for a good 7-8 hours.


Keep the water and mud outside the house

Keep the water and mud outside the house

If there are people coming in and out of your house during the monsoons, you’d know how water dripping from their umbrellas makes the floor all wet and eventually muddy. All you have to do is put a plastic crate outside your house where all umbrellas and raincoats can be stored. You can keep a separate crate for wet shoes if you like.


Take care of your trash

Take care of your trash

Monsoons come as a relief but there are a few issues that tag along too. One of them is stinky dustbins. It is because of the extra moisture in the air, dustbins smell worse during monsoons. Not only is it a foul smell but it’s also something quite unhygienic. So if you have been planning to change your dustbin for a while, now is the time. Get a big, good quality plastic waste bin with a lid that doesn’t let the smell escape.


Make the best of the rains

make the best of the rains

It’s not unknown to anyone that our country is facing a huge water crisis and it’s only going to get worse. You may or may not live in an area that is currently affected by the shortage of water but it’s our responsibility to make the best of the rainwater. Storing rainwater, even in small quantities is a great step that we can take to battle the situation. We can check our use of running tap water as well as help our neighbors this way. Why not put a large plastic storage bin outside your home and store some water when it is raining cats and dogs?


Doesn’t have to be all indoors

Doesn’t have to be all indoors

Just because it’s raining outside, doesn’t mean you have you to spend every minute indoors! If you want to enjoy the gentle pitter-patter, the mild petrichor and the cool breeze at your porch, terrace, backyard or garden, go ahead. Set up nice plastic furniture set with plastic chairs and tables on your terrace with a large overhead umbrella, and enjoy a warm cup of coffee and snacks with your loved ones. Or, simply set up a plastic chair in your balcony, and enjoy the view while sitting on a chair with your feet rested on the railing. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?



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