An Ultimate Guide To Setup A Work From Home Space with Ergonomic Chairs.

An Ultimate Guide To Setup A Work From Home Space with Ergonomic Chairs.

Have you ever felt a wave of lethargy take over during your work-from-home days? Well, you are not alone!

Working from home in no way means that the workload is less. Work is still the same, yet you have the freedom to work in a space that you like!

To make the most of your workday, you need to create a space you like being in. For that, you need to focus on the ergonomics of your home workspace.

In this blog, we have some fantastic tips for you that can help you create an ergonomic home office setup!

The Perfect Room

If you are thinking about how to improve ergonomics in the workplace, this is your first step. Evaluate the room you have chosen suitable for your office setup. Make sure your office is in one of the quieter corners of your home. Being in proximity to loud noises will distract you and affect your productivity.

The Perfect Room

Your office/study space should be dedicated only to work purposes. If you use it for multiple purposes, it can be a distraction. Make sure that the room you have is not too small, either, so that you don’t end up feeling claustrophobic when stressed.

Ideal Seating

After fixating upon the room that you will use as your office space, it is time to design it in a way that maximizes your productivity. It is crucial to find the perfect seating to improve your work from home as you will be using this chair for prolonged hours. Hence, it needs to be comfortable and ergonomically suited. The chair should provide ample back and lumbar support. There are several chairs available specifically for this purpose.

Many of these chairs have additional lumbar support, which enhances your productivity like Italica’s Spine Care chair is one of those chairs that is exclusively designed to support your back for long working hours.

1. Ergonomic Desk

After you have selected the perfect seating for yourself, you need to look at your desk. Your desk should have the ideal height. If it is too low, you can strain your neck. On the flip side, if it is too high, it can hurt your back. The ideal height of a desk should be close to your elbow’s height while you are sitting. A desk of this height is suitable for typing as well as writing.

The desk should be big enough to accommodate all your necessary gadgets and items. Make sure your laptop, mouse, and other requirements fit on the desk with space to spare.

Ergonomic Desk

Sitting in one position is not healthy for your body. It can also limit blood circulation. You can opt for adjustable desks to combat this problem. Every few hours, you can elevate the desk and stand for some time while working. Then you can bring it back to its original height and continue with your work. These minor changes can help your body and boost ergonomics in the workplace.

2. Ample Leg Space

Your sitting space should have enough legroom. Like the rest of your body, keeping your legs in the same position for long can limit blood circulation. Hence, you need enough wiggle space to move your leg and adjust your position. 

Ample Leg Space

The rest of your room should also have enough negative space for you to move around. You should clutter your room with furnishings. If you need to take a short break, you should have the room to pace around.

3. A Utilitarian Shelf/ Cabinet

Your home office should have a shelf/ cabinet space too. It should be able to accommodate all the things that you wish to keep close while working. Your books, important files, office supplies; all these things should fit into the shelf. Additionally, you can place some decor items to make your office aesthetically pleasing.

A Utilitarian Shelf Cabinet

You can also add a cabinet that can hold your belongings. Ensure that it is in the right size and goes with the rest of the room’s aesthetic.

4. Good Lighting

Let there be light! You need good lighting in your room. Make sure there are enough windows to get natural lighting during the day time. Natural light is better for your eyes. However, make sure that you place your desk with your widow to your side. 

Good Lighting

Having a window in front of you or behind you can create a glare on your screen. Your screen should be brighter than the natural light. Make sure you have blinds for sunny days.

For the latter part of the day, you should make sure the lights you add to the room are strong. Add a combination of ceiling lights and lamps to make sure that you have the perfect lighting.

5. Additional Design Tips

If you like your working space, you are more likely to enjoy your work, which will enhance your productivity. Hence, you should personalize your home office into an area that you genuinely enjoy.

  • Make sure you use the right colors for your office. Neutral colors are a good option for offices. Did you know that the colors of your room can affect your mood
  • Add a chair or a couch when you need a break or on a day when you need to feel slightly more comfortable. It can also act as an accent piece that makes your room look stylish.
  •  Plants are ALWAYS a good idea! Add plants to your workspace. They purify the air of your space and also add a pop of color. Plants are known to reduce stress, boost your mood, and keep your mind fresh. All this will ultimately save you some stress and make you more productive.

Additional Design Tips

  • You can also add a rug. This makes the office look aesthetically pretty and comfortable. It adds plushness as well as style to your room. It can also act as the starting point for your decor. 
  • You can add other innovative work-from-home decor pieces to boost your productivity. You can get some small and affordable products that make your work easier. 

These are a few recommendations that we urge you to follow while decorating your perfect ergonomic workspace! 

Let us know if you have any additional tips to optimize your workspace furthermore.

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Tips to Spice up a Neutral Colour Palette in Your Home

Tips to Spice up a Neutral Colour Palette in Your Home

Choosing the right color palette for your house is much more important than you may realize, as it has different psychological effects on you. Have you ever tried a beige color palette for your room but ended up feeling drab and unexciting?  That’s precisely what we are talking about.

Well, this is the perfect opportunity for you to be creative with your home decor! In this blog, let us take you through tips on how you can spice up neutral colors in interior design!

Try Multiple Neutral Shades that Complement Each Other

Pick a neutral shade of your choice, and make sure you add different items in various shades of that color. Whether it is cream, grey, beige, or taupe, adding multiple shades will add layers to the room. For example, you can use four or five different neutral shades. You can use one shade for curtains and upholstery, another for the wall, one for the floors, and another for the furniture. Neutral furniture helps your home to get closer to a minimalist aesthetic. 

Try Multiple Neutral Shades that Complement Each Other

Include multiple textures and materials

If all the textures in the room are the same or similar, your room might appear drab. Make sure you use a proper permutation and combination of textures to elevate the look of your room. 
If your sofa is made of faux leather, you can use the same material for your chairs. However, it would be interesting to use silk for your drapes to create a slight contrast.

You can do the same for furniture by alternating them between furnishings with a glossy and matte finish. It is always advisable to invest in high-quality textures. They add a vibrant look to your room, and they last longer too.

Include multiple textures and materials

Add a Pop of Colour

After you have fixated upon a neutral palette, you should consider adding a pop of color to your room. This pop of color adds a fun element to the aesthetic. It would also help in breaking the monotony of the neutral textures. You can use a variety of items to bring in the pop of color. A few bright colored furniture pieces can do the trick! It can also be an art piece or a decorative item for your mantelpiece!

Add a Pop of Colour

Add Black

People are often skeptical about adding black to their interiors. However, if you use it in the right amount, it can make your home look elegant and classy. It adds punctuation and accent to your home. You can add a piece of black furniture or paint one of your walls back and top it off with a nice painting. Black lamps, decorative figurines, and other decor pieces also add a subtle elegance to the decor!

Add Black

Mix Your Neutrals

It is a risky option, but you can also try mixing your neutral color palettes for home. You can attempt to combine beiges with browns or greys with taupe or whites. For this, you need a little bit of creativity and a good internet connection! Try to envision the colors together, look at samples available online, and create a pinteresty mood board. Find the right neutrals that complement each other, and it will make your home look stunning! For instance, add beige upholstery to brown-framed sofas. Or add grey curtains with an off-white rug!

Mix Your Neutrals

Use Beautiful and Unique Shapes

You can employ elements other than color to break the flatness of a neutral palette. One of these elements is ‘shape.’ Have you ever seen those homes on Instagram which have unembellished white interiors but still look classy and extravagant due to modernist forms? While you don’t need to follow that exact aesthetic, you can draw inspiration from the idea. You can add some uniquely shaped furniture or build fittings that have distinctive shapes. These decor pieces will enhance your home aesthetic and help you to level up your home.

Use Beautiful and Unique Shapes

Use Different Patterns 

Many people believe that pattern mixing can clash with their overall decor and appear disruptive. However, if you pair up with the right patterns together, it can give your home an elevated appearance! You can stick to a neutral palette yet still use different patterns within that palette. 

You can add a bold design to your rugs or throws. It is not advisable to use large block patterns for your sofas or curtains. This is because bold patterns can take away from the rest of the room. Softer and muted patterns can work better for that purpose.

Use Different Patterns

Add Artistic Pieces

If you wonder how to use neutral color palette and add just a little bit of glam, investing in art or other items purely for decorative purposes can be a good idea! It’s never advisable to go overboard, but a few pieces can elevate your space. Consider adding an accent piece to your room. It may be a piece of art or an accent chair. It will also help you to position your furniture better. Accent pieces can be the room’s focus, and you can arrange the rest of the furniture centered around it.

 Add Artistic Pieces

Use Plants

Adding plants, big or small, is always right for your home! It makes your house look fresh and adds a calming vibe to it. Plants are known to purify the air of your home and make your place look beautiful! Plants add that green pop, which is soothing for your eyes. The colors also give a break from the neutral palette. Plants are also known to enhance your mood and mental state, which is a bonus! You can use different colored plants that complement your existing palette.

Use Plants

That’s everything you need to know about spicing up the Neutral colors in interior design. If you found these tips useful, use them in your home and see how your house brightens up immediately! Let us know in the comment section below if you have any other tips you would like to share!

7 Things You Need To Get Right To Elegantly Arrange Your Home Furniture

7 Things You Need To Get Right To Elegantly Arrange Your Home Furniture

Imagine this! You have bought beautiful decor pieces and furniture for your home and have the image of the perfect home in your mind! But when you put it all together, it looks unpleasant and cluttered! Not even close to what you had imagined!


But do not worry, we have got you covered! More than the furniture piece, understanding the right way to position furniture can help you achieve the desired aesthetics!

In this blog, we share with you some AMAZING decorating tips and tricks on how to arrange furniture beautifully and efficiently to design a home that you enjoy!

1. Choose a Focal Point

During the furniture arrangement, you should keep a focal point. A focal point can be many things: a good view, an art piece, a television, or a mantelpiece. Sometimes, these pieces occur naturally; however, you sometimes have to choose what you want to be the room’s focal point. Taking that as a starting point, you can arrange the rest of your furniture. This way, your space will be more functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

Choose a Focal Point

2. Usage Space Efficiently

In interior design, space can be of two types, namely: negative and positive. Negative spaces are those spaces that are left empty for practical or aesthetic purposes. Positive areas are those which are occupied by decor pieces and furniture. To make your home look beautiful, you need to strike a balance between positive and negative space.

For example, it is never a good idea to push all your furniture against the walls and leave a large gaping negative space in the middle. It is also not a good idea to leave very little negative space around.

Usage Space Efficiently

3. Think about traffic flow

The usage of space has other aspects associated with it. Traffic flow is one of them. You have to arrange your furniture in a way that will not obstruct your path and limit your movement in the room. You should always keep some space between the coffee table and the sofa and between other furniture pieces. You should arrange your room in a way that you can walk from one end to another without difficulty and without banging your toes or tripping over every now and then.

4. Keep tables within reach

Your method of room arrangement should also cater to your idea of comfort. There should always be a space for keeping your knick-knacks temporarily. For example, if you are sitting with a glass of water in your hand, there should be a space where you can keep the glass down.

Keep tables within reach

Hence, it is always a great idea to keep tables within reach, incredibly close to seating areas. However, to achieve the utmost comfort, this should be done while thinking about the traffic flow.  You need to strike a balance and strategically place all your furniture pieces.

5. Get a Big coffee table or a Centrepiece

This decor piece should be substantial as well as useful. The primary purpose of this would be to act as a buffer space for regular usage so that the rest of the room does not get cluttered. This space is where your guests can put down their bags, coats, keys, etc. This piece could be a nice coffee table or a coat rack, or anything that goes well with your interiors. This could be the last furniture piece you add to the room and bring everything together in decor!

6. Use the Right-sized decorative items

It is also crucial to understand the size requirements of your decor pieces. If a particular item is too small, it may not look well or blend in with the rest of the decor. Similarly, if an item is too big, it may look out of place and tacky!

Be it paintings, wall hangings, mirrors, or plants; you should arrange each of these so that it does not look cluttered or attractive and obstructive. For example, a large painting on one wall of an otherwise minimalist room may disrupt your entire aesthetic!

Use the Right-sized decorative items

7. Furniture Arrangement Ideas for Different Rooms
  • Bedroom

While thinking of bedroom furniture arrangement, your primary focus should be to create a space of comfort. Bedrooms are supposed to be the most comfortable and relaxing spaces in your home! The bed is inarguably the most crucial furniture for your bedroom, and it also takes up most of the area!


The placement of the bed should be parallel to the walls or in the middle of the room. You should line up the bed against a wall. Keep side tables close to the bed as per your convenience. It is advisable to keep ample distance between your wardrobe and the bed to ensure comfortable traffic flow.

  • Living room

Arrange the living room in a comfortable way for the family and guests who come over. Place sufficient chairs and seating arrangements to accommodate everyone. Also, add tables near the chairs and sofas to put down knick-knacks. It generally holds more people than other rooms. Therefore, living room furniture arrangements should be set up by maintaining enough negative space with some wiggle room around the furniture.

Living room

  • Dining Room

The dining space should generally be centered around a dining table, with chairs around it. However, there should be ample space for the chairs to be pulled out and sit comfortably. A side cupboard can help with cutlery and other dishes. There should also be enough space for moving around for serving or a buffet system!

Dining Room

  • Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most vital spaces in our homes. It is also often the most cramped space. Hence, the utilization of the kitchen area should be efficient and effective. There should be ample shelves and settings to store your food items as well as dishes and utensils. You should create sections and stations for different kinds of things. For example, there would be a corner dedicated only to electronics such as mixer grinders, toasters, etc. 


Well, If you find yourself asking ‘how should I arrange my furniture?’, these are some ideas and suggestions that you should keep in mind while decorating your home. However, every home is different, and everyone has different tastes in home decor styles. You need to find the right balance between what you like the most and what makes you the most comfortable! 

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