Most Innovative Plastic Chairs by Italica that Resonates with Your Personality

Most Innovative Plastic Chairs by Italica that Resonates with Your Personality

Furniture speaks a lot about one’s personality. It can instantly say who you are as a person. Wooden Furniture could mean that you are a nature lover, Colored Furniture could mean that you are Happy Go Lucky type, Antique furniture could mean that you are Old school at heart and so on.

Unfortunately, we sometimes end up choosing furniture that is either comfortable but isn’t good looking, or is super uncomfortable and ends up just being an eye-candy.

While you look for the right balance between design and value in your furniture, Italica presents its best pieces that will aesthetically enlighten your house with the utmost comfort. Right from Home to Restaurants, Playrooms to Boardrooms, we have got something for everyone.

Here’s a pool of innovative plastic chairs that will match your personality without compromising your style statement and comfort.

1. OXY Series: For the Relaxers

Oxy chair

If you like to chill and relax, even on a busy schedule, we got you a perfect match, even on a busy schedule.

Italica Oxy series chair, India’s first fully ventilated stackable plastic chair, is an impressive mixture of elegant class, ergonomic design, and superior quality. It is a perfect balance of aesthetics and comfort.

Most plastic chairs are designed to allow little or no ventilation through the backrest. But the Oxy Series Chair is exclusively tailored to provide you 100% ventilation from backrest to seat. 

With a considerably lightweight of 3.06kg, premium quality, and luxurious look, it is easy to move and works great for indoor and outdoor seating areas.

2. Plasteel Series: For the Determined Ones

plasteel chair

You are a vibrant personality with a strong sense of determination that makes you stand out in a crowd. Well, in that case, this one would perfectly compliment your style. 

The Italica Plasteel Chair, with and without arms, is one of a kind to the balance of aesthetics and comfort, making it a notch up with the strength. Molded plastic chairs with the added strength of stainless steel legs – the Plasteel Chairs are made with both worlds’ best to give a premium look. It is a range of durable and stylish plastic armchairs that suits any residential or outdoor seatings like home, office, restaurants, gardens, and cafes.

It is reliable, lightweight, and visually stunning with vibrant colors.

3. Baby Armchair: For the new Moms and Pops


Every child is unique, and so is their first chair.

Italica’s Baby Armchair is specially designed for your kids with utmost safety, and durability, with a hint of style to make your baby’s room cozy and stylish.

Striking designs on the backrest like a smiley face and alphabets, make sure that your kid’s creativity and imagination starts right from their room. A classic kids’ plastic chair molded for every kid-safe and happy living at home, playschools, and even gardens.

Its charm and strength provide a balance between aesthetics and comfort in various designs and colors. So, all new moms and pops, worry no more, your kids are safe and sound around Italica’s Baby chairs.

4. Spinecare Chair: For the Workaholic ones

Spinecare Chair: For the Workaholic ones

Are you the one who’s enjoying the work from home and doesn’t mind working overtime as well? In that case, this is a perfect addition to your study/ work station.

With Italica Spine Care Chairs, we present you with the most innovative creation of an ergonomic design that ensures aesthetics and comfort. It is explicitly designed to support the vertebral column and provide excellent lumbar support, 

It is made of PP with Fiberglass Reinforcement for UV and Weather Resistance with a flexible back and comfortable seating and only weighs around 3.2kg. It is designed to give your back the extra support so you can comfortably sit and enjoy your work for hours without hurting your back posture. It is the right mix of aesthetics and comfort in a luxurious way that makes it a perfect addition to your work and study setups. 

You cannot go wrong with our all-time best seller – Sand color, Spine Care Chair that is tested and recommended by doctors to help you maintain the right-back posture and avoid any spine-related issues.

5. Without Arm Plastic Chair: For the Minimalist heart

Without Arm Plastic Chair: For the Minimalist heart

As we said earlier, Italica has something for everyone. For those who prefer to have a simple and minimal lifestyle, we present to you a wide range of Italica’s without arm plastic chairs. The economic and sturdy armless chairs with unique designs are a perfect solution for large gatherings indoors and outdoors.

It’s a classic yet trendy furniture piece with the right balance of aesthetics and comfort that will brighten your space without burning a hole in your wallet.

6. Plastic Arm Chairs: For the one with GEMINI nature

Without Arm Plastic Chair: For the Minimalist heart

You want classic styles but not a fan of heavy furniture and end up feeling confused and indecisive. We get you. Totally!

This dual-natured innovative designs from our Plastic Arm Chairs. Range with superior quality and flexible functionality is the right call for you. It gives you all in one – comfort, premium looks, and simplicity, so you don’t have to compromise on any feature. Its stylish matte finish designs combined with superior durability (weighing around 2.66kg)  will leave your spoilt for choices.

  • Comfort Series Plastic Arm Chair: For the Common Man

If you are an ordinary person who loves functional yet high-quality furniture that is affordable and portable, you have stumbled upon the right blog.

Italica Comfort Series Plastic Armchair is a collection of well-designed, aesthetically superior, sturdy, and highly portable armchairs. It is an ideal fit for your shops, cafeterias, food stalls, and even daily use at home.

The comfort series in the plastic armchair range has a wide range of designs per your style preference.

For instance, Curve V-shaped Tapering Backrest Comfort Armchair is on an exquisite design with sleek, suave, and sophisticated styles that you can find nowhere. It’s a work of art from Italica with a blend of superior and comfortable seating.

Simple yet stylish, this chair is ideal for indoors as well as outdoor uses.

  • Premium Series Plastic Arm Chairs: For the InfluenZers

Many of us live for the ‘gram, which means aesthetically pleasing designs are a must for getting that perfect picture. Well, we got your back, InfluenZers.

Let us introduce our Premium Series Plastic ArmChairs- a collection of subtle, poignant yet beautiful chairs that can make your room look classy, sophisticated, and Insta-worthy in no time.

One of our best sellers amongst range is Classy and Funky Premium Series Plastic Arm Chair. It is all about subdued classy aesthetics for those with a subtle, understated mind but with the right amount of poise.

  • Luxury Series Plastic Arm Chairs: For the royal highness

Luxury is your inherited style and never comes across as an option to you.

So allow us, our Royal highness, to present to you Italica Luxury Series Plastic Arm Chairs, where you do not have to compromise or choose between your style and comfort. Our collection of high quality, ergonomically designed Luxury Series Plastic Arm Chairs is designed, keeping in mind the intricate detailing that will make you feel like you are sitting on a million bucks.

One of Italica’s most exciting and unique designs in this luxury range is popularly called the Sofa Chair. It is comfortable, like a sofa, yet has a Lux vibe to it. This solid-colored armchair comes with a unique design and Italica’s trademark durability.

These chairs will be perfect for indoor or outdoor arrangements with superior comfort, style, and durability.

At Italica, we design the best of the products that would cater to each of you, and in this scenario, we hope we could help you pick out the perfect chair that compliments your personality!

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4 Steps to choose the right ergonomic chair for work from home and office

4 Steps to choose the right ergonomic chair for work from home and office

Work from home has become a new reality for everyone now.

It also means sitting for long hours working on a computer.

Therefore, it becomes even more vital that you opt for an ergonomic chair for the back support that offers excellent lumbar support, prevents fatigue happening from time to time, and can eliminate any health-related issues that may arise due to the wrong sitting posture.

It sure is an important investment. So you can not just go and pick up any chair that looks ok to sit on. You should understand the value, style and how you can select the best chair for you according to your comfort.

We have jotted down a list of factors that will help you narrow down your choices and get the right WFH chairs for you.

Factor 1: Explore the chair’s adjusting capabilities

01 (3)

  • Check for the height adjustment allowed in your chair.

The height of an ergonomic chair is an important feature to explore the comfort and support to your back. It should ideally be fully adjustable to the shape of your return.

The chair’s seat should be allowed to move either upwards or downwards. This adjustment will let people sit in the chair comfortably. The height adjustment should be checked before buying any chair. Generally, a seat height of 15 inches to 22 inches will allow a person between 5’0″ to 6’4″ tall to comfortably sit. But most chairs will offer a small range of adjustment. So you must check.

‘How do you adjust a chair for lower back pain?’

Your feet should lay flat on the floor while your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.

  • Check which parts(Seat, Back, Height etc.) of the chairs are individually adjustable.

You will be able to work from home comfortably if your chair will allow you to make a customized fit for each part of the chair. Some essential adjusting features can be the armrests, seat positioning, headrest, footrest, height, and back support. This level of customization aims to allow you to make the chair a good fit for anyone that uses it. You may prefer chairs that allow for adjustments.

Factor 2: Evaluate the Back Support that the chair is providing.

02 (1)

  • Upper and middle back support should be adequate in the chair.

A proper ergonomic chair will offer you full support for your upper and middle back. If you will be sitting for a longer period, supporting your back in its natural shape becomes important to prevent any injury or strain.

Make sure that your work from home chair has an excellent upper and middle back support before making a purchase. The backrest should be between 12” and 19” wide, support the natural curve and shape of your back, and adjust to support the contours of your return.

  • Always check the lower back support of the chair

If the chair is not having proper lumbar support, it might damage and flatten your lower back. The lower back has a natural inward curve. A poorly designed chair will cause this curve to straighten out.

Your chair should help you maintain your lower back’s normal curvature to support your lower back for a healthy spine life. Adjusting back support is done by moving the chair’s back support pad up and down.

  • Check for adjustments and reclining in the backrest

If you are able to adjust the backrest of your chair, it will balance out the amount of weight placed on your back. Recliners can be of great help if you plan to sit for the majority of the day as it helps to relieve pressure on your spinal discs and lower back muscles.

You should know how to adjust your chair for lower back pain with recliners and backrest. Most chairs are locked into the most comfortable reclined position. The backpressure is lowest between 110° and 130° of reclining. People with lower back injuries will benefit the most from reclining ergonomic chairs.

Factor 3: Evaluate properly for the chair’s seat.

03 (1)

  • Make sure the seat is the right size for you.

If the seat is too big or too small for you, it can affect your comfort and your health when you use them for long periods. While searching for a work from home chair, you want to make sure that the size of the seat is suitable for you.

Keep a few such criteria in mind when selecting the seat size of an ergonomic chair.

–  The seat should be of about an inch wider than your hips.

–  And, the seat pan needs to be positioned just behind your knees.

  • Check the padding of the seat

You are most likely to spend a significant amount of time sitting in your ergonomic chair. Hence, you would want to ensure the proper and adequate padding of the chair to ensure your comfort and lower back support.

Do check for the quality of the chair’s seat before making a purchase. Low-quality foam can lead to break down quickly making your chair uncomfortable. You should sit comfortably in the chair for a minimum of an hour without any issue.

Improperly padded chair seats may elevate the risk of misalignments in the hips and back issues.

  • Tilting the seat of the chair is a consideration.

The ability to tilt the chair’s seat is often an optional aspect. You may want to have this feature included in your chair as per your preference. Tilting of the chair seat helps you maintain a proper posture while sitting in the chair.

Factor 4: Finalizing the right work from home chair to support your health.

04 (1)

  • Go ahead on a Virtual Shopping for chairs

Yes. It may sound a little tricky. But it does not have to be perplexing. All you need to know is where and what to search for. Jot down your preferred features and workstyle needs.

Look for the options that suit your needs. This will shorten the entire process. You can also learn a lot about the chairs from reading its specifications. From your shortlisted chairs as per your budget, style and needs, select the one that fits best.

  • Consider the details of the chair

There are so many features to consider when you look for a perfect spine supporting chair. Some aspects may get overlooked in the process. But make sure to consider the ones that are beneficial for your health and comfort.

Important aspects are :

– The casters should be moving quickly and freely.

– If there is a headrest, it should be a good fit for your body type.

–  Depending on the height and adjustments, you may need a footrest.

–  You should think about which chair cover is the best for your comfort. 

–  Cloth seat covers can allow the airflow but are more robust to keep clean.

05 (2)

  • Explore the different chair styles

Many varieties of work from home chairs are available in the market in different types and styles. These chairs differ from the traditional chairs, and each of them will have their unique benefit and purpose.

Figure out which one is a good fit for you with the features on offer.

Some options may be:

–  Kneeling chairs come with no back. It can help you to improve your posture and back health.

–  Saddle chairs are suitable for desk work. Shaped like a horse saddle, they can help your back be more energetic and healthier.

– People with back issues may find reclining chairs with footrests as the most comfortable choice.

Sometimes it may not seem like a big deal to find the right work from the home chair. But, having the right chair for your desk makes a significant difference in your health and comfort.

Extended periods of work put a lot of stress on your back and spine resulting in back problems and severe discomfort. Learning to select the proper work from home office chairs can help you avoid such health issues by making a properly informed decision.

If you are still confused about selecting the best work from home chair for your needs, let us give you our expert suggestion.

06 (1)

Italica’s Spine Care Chair can be the best fit for your work from home and it keeps your back safe and in shape. You may explore the benefits of this chair without spending a fortune of your time, efforts, and budget. It supports the back and keeps it in shape with flexible back support. It’s Light-weight and high-quality plastic make it durable, easy to maintain, and robust.

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How to Buy Best Quality Furniture At Affordable Prices When You Are On A Budget?

How to Buy Best Quality Furniture At Affordable Prices When You Are On A Budget?

Excited about furnishing your new home or revamping your home for an uplifting change but stuck with a cap on your budget.

Does that ring a bell? Well, been there, done that, right?

Furniture is one of the most significant cash expenditures for your home.

But don’t you worry. We are here to your rescue.

Stay with us for a couple of minutes and you will be able to furnish your house in a way that will make you feel happy about it forever.

With this, we pass you the only cheat sheet you will ever need to set your budget and bring home your choice of furniture at the best price possible without scratching off your head anymore!

1. How to Set your Budget for Furniture?

How to Set your Budget for Furniture

Assess which furniture you need in each room considering a few aspects, and you will be sorted to get going.

  • Figure out how much you can spend on the furniture right now.

Know your spending limit.

Depending on your spending power and requirements, set aside an amount that you are willing to spend solely on buying furniture. Try to allocate the maximum budget in a way that lets you opt for Multi Purpose furniture over the eye candy ones.

  • Decide on how long you would be using the furniture.

Duration of usage is a very tricky matter while buying furniture.

When you want to use a piece of furniture for a long time, you might consider a more durable option in the category. At the same time, if you want to use it for long but you need it to move it from one place to another frequently, you have to consider that factor as well while selecting the furniture.

Don’t get confused with the pricing and durability of your furniture. Furniture at a reasonable price can be more durable than heavy and higher-priced furniture.

One such great example is Italica’s Plasteel Chair. It is stylish, durable, affordable, and lightweight. You can look at it as a perfect solution that is easy to move, aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and pocket friendly.

So, explore your options thoroughly before you decide.

  • Identify the frequency of usage of the furniture at your place.

Your bed, sofa, work station are some of the highly used furniture whereas a stool, extra set of chairs, etc. are not used only when there are more people in the room.

So it is important to classify your furniture and set a budget on them accordingly.

The furniture you use frequently and plan to keep for a long time demands a better part of your budget and must be chosen very carefully. You have to list them down and put a good portion aside to spend on these. But again, you do not have to splurge on this.

A good option for a frequently used workstation is Italica’s Spine Care Chair, which takes care of your health, comfort, and style without dipping in your pocket and lasts long. In a similar range, Italica’s plastic chairs will give you an array of options to treat your guests elegantly without spending a fortune.

  • Understand what complements your room’s size, layout and color scheme the best.

Deep down we all desire to own comfy recliners where we can binge all day on Netflix but would that be the best choice for the layout of the room?

Some furniture might make you feel like you must have it.

We understand. But does that use your space efficiently?

You would not enjoy the space if it is overused or is decorated the wrong way.

Would an L-shaped sofa cover your window completely?

Think upon these aspects before you just plunge in to buying an irrational piece of furniture for your place and then regret it. You will not enjoy replacing your furniture right after you bought it. So, know your carpet area and understand the layout of your room. So that it is easy to find furniture that is right in size and beautifully compliments your room.

A heavier or pricier or more embellished furniture does not necessarily bring elegance. You can go for something really sleek like Italica’s Plastic Coffee Table that is compact, aesthetic, and comfortable to use, all packed in one.

  • Explore your personal preference in furniture style.

Do you like wooden furniture, better or plastic furniture?

Do you prefer minimal design or high customization in your furniture?

Will you go for a particular color scheme?

A spacious bedroom and a cozy living room or vice versa – which is your preference?

A bean bag or a recliner – what would you prefer to chill?

Decide your personal furniture style before you decide your budget for your rooms or specific furniture. Dwindling between this or that every time you see something new might put you in a spot. Clear your head in advance in terms of your preference between comfort, style, price, and aesthetics to balance your choices.

  • Combine all of the above parameters to close on the final budget.

Is it too much to decide upon?

Let’s make it simple.

To finalize your budget, first, decide your priority as per your personal preferences in each piece of furniture.

Then keep in mind the size, layout, and color of your home.

Accordingly, assess and select your furniture as per your frequency and durability requirement.

2. How to get the best Price for Furniture?

How to get the best Price for Furniture

  • Categorize your furniture needs on an urgency-to-buy basis.

A perfectly planned purchase can save you from spending a fortune unnecessarily.

Remember that you don’t have to furnish your entire home in one go.

Consider starting with the most essential furniture pieces for each room and going down the list as it permits. Think simple. What can be the most important piece of furniture for your bedroom- a bed or a bedside table?

In the living room, a couch is more important, or an ottoman to keep your foot?

Once you are done purchasing these big-ticket items, you move along the list for the next set of necessary furniture. Consider furniture such as a dressing table, a nightstand, or a bedside table depending on your lifestyle.

Sorting your furniture in terms of urgency will reduce your load drastically. You may even end up accommodating more in terms of quantity or quality. If you just focus on one set of furniture and wait it out for the next time, your purchase will be more efficient, and your budget can be controlled better as well.

  • Watch out for the Furniture Sales through different mediums.

Whether you are buying your furniture online or offline, it doesn’t matter. You have a great chance to grab a pretty good deal if you watch for the sales available on the platform or in the shop.

Most of the retailers offer deep discounts on last season models or for stock clearance. Also, it may be an occasion-based sale. Either way, you can end up with a great deal on the furniture without compromising your choice. Sometimes you might end up having an entire set of matched furniture at a price lower than the actual amount for a single brand new piece.

So wait it out and keep an eye on the upcoming offers.

If you are someone to prefer going online, offers are running around the year. All you need to do is figure out the best deal available from different platforms and go for it. You might also wait for the annual sales of online platforms where you can sometimes get your furniture even at an unbelievably lower price.

The key is to have patience and keep looking consistently.

  • Consider multi-purpose usage of furniture.

Having furniture that can be used for different purposes can help you limit your budget or go for a better option in the same budget. Additionally, it will make your place spacious with lesser items to keep.

For example, Italica’s Oxy Series Chair is equally perfect for your indoor times of reading, writing, relaxing, and having a great time with your friends in the garden. Furnishing your home with some useful and practical furniture can fulfill all that you need within your budget and within your space.

  • Put the different types of furniture together.

Do not limit yourself to only classic or modern styles of furniture. There is a vast pool of options to choose from.

You don’t need to abandon style just because you are on a budget. you can mix and match the different designs to make a contemporary look and bring aesthetic to your home without spending a bomb.

Lastly, we suggest you always go with what keeps you satisfied.

Your home and your furniture should be a happy place to be with at all times.

We hope this blog will be handy for you anytime you plan to refurbish your home or get furniture for your new home.

If you find it helpful, please share it with your near and dear ones. And don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment box below.


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